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Discover the solutions of Adhere Gear and Signify

At La Lonja de la Innovación we have a great showroom where we showcase the most cutting-edge solutions applicable to the port-logistics sector. It is a space in which we have solutions for different sectors and which have been developed with different technologies.

In previous posts, we have showcased to you the proposals of Movisat, Dinycon, iUrban, and Urbiótica, startups specialized in the Smart Cities sector. We have also explained in more detail the solutions of Mykeys, Engidi, IOVI, and Crosscall, all from different sectors but with innovation as a common denominator. Finally, we present the proposals specialized in the maritime sector from Navlandis, Fedepesca, and Contazara.

Today we want to dedicate this post to two of the latest additions to our showroom: Adhere Gear and Signify.

Remember that if you want to get a closer look at these technologies you can write us to to schedule an appointment and visit our showroom. We will be delighted to welcome you!

Adhere Gear proposal

Adhere Gear is specialized in providing innovative solutions for Smart Ports, decarbonisation and Internet of Things (IoT) sectors. The company stands out for its development of advanced technologies focused on emissions tracking and environmental mapping, specially designed to optimize operations of maritime cargo operations.

Adhere Gear

The technology developed by Adhere Gear encompasses devices which enable the capture of emission both from the vessels and from containers and ports. Adhere tracks and maps exhaustive carbon emissions associated with each cargo container, the vessels responsible for transportation, and port activities.

API Adhere Gear

The solution provides customers with an effective interface, either through an API or a control panel, which presents a detailed and accurate carbon footprint. Moreover, it is guaranteed a complete wireless connectivity for efficient management of the generated information.

Signify and its Interact solution 

Signify stands out in the Smart Solutions field through its Interact solution. This allows the remote management of products from different manufacturers through a single control system. Thanks to its architecture based on open APIs and the FIWARE standard, it facilitates the integration of lighting into external platforms, centralizing the administration of all services in a  single control panel. 


Interact has carried out the digitalization of lighting assets in urban environments, achieving connectivity through interoperability standards such as ZD4i. Highlighting its scalability, the system is prepared for future updates and expansions, ensuring a solution adaptable to changing needs.


This solution, developed by Signify, a global leader in lighting for both professionals and consumers, fits within the context of the Internet of Things.  Philips products, lighting systems connected to Interact and data-based services not only provide business value, but also transform the experience in homes, building and public spaces

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