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Meet Mykeys, Engidi, IOVI and Crosscall in our Innovation Showroom

As we have told you on previous occasions,  our showroom has more than 22 technological solutions. On previous occasions, we have reviewed the proposals of the smart cities sector of Movisat, Dinycon, iUrban and Urbiótica, the sustainability solutions of Hopu, Solum and Green Globe, and the smart water solutions of Navlandis, Fedepesca and Contazara that you can find in La Lonja.

It is time to meet the last five solutions that complete our showroom so far. Are you coming?

In this post, we are going to present the proposals by Mykeys, Engidi, IOVI and Crosscall , solutions from different sectors where they apply innovation to give answers to market challenges.

If you want to know more about these technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us at to make an appointment to visit our showroom. We will be pleased to welcome you!

Mykeys and its digital locks solution

Digital locks to create duplicates of keys previously stored in the app thanks to a photo taken in both parts. Therefore, in case of loss or forgetfulness, you can go to the nearest locksmith who has installed Mykeys to set up the creation of a new key immediately.

Engidi bring us its NGD-One solution 

NGD-One is a device implanted inside a personal helmet to monitor worker safety. It can be clipped to a jacket or belt and it has multiple sensors and modular connections that support NB-Iot and LTE-M. It provides real time information about the position, impact, fall, heat stress and more, along with a rescue bottom.

IOVI and its Inescube solution

Inescube is a system with artificial intelligent vision that integrates hardware and software into a single product, simplifying a complex solution into a small package with all the necessary components to fully satisfy the needs of their customers. The implementation of Inescube can be made at any point in the production chain without damaging the customer’s environment, respecting their normal operations and resources.

Crosscall and its mobile charger and support solutions: Core-M5, Spider-X5, Core-X4, Core-T4, X-Strap, X-Armband y X-Dock 

Crosscall designs and develops a complete line of cell phones, smartphones and outdoor accessories. Designed for athletes and professionals exposed to hostile and unpredictable environments, all Crosscall products are water resistant and have a long battery life.

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