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Get to know Movisat, Dinycon, iUrban and Urbiótica at La Lonja Showroom

Did you know that we have a showroom in the facilities of La Lonja de la Innovación in the Port of Huelva with the most advanced solutions applicable to the logistic-port sector?

In our space, we have more than 22 technological solutions of different fields such as smart cities, sustainability, maritime sector and smart water, solutions developed with FIWARE technology, etc.

In this post, we are going to present in more detail 4 of these solutions, those proposed by Movisat, Dinycon, iUrban and Urbiótica, which are specialized in the smart cities sector. 

If you want to learn more about these technologies, do not hesitate to contact us at to make an appointment to visit our showroom, we will be pleased to welcome you!

Movisat and its solution EcoSat

EcoSAT is a vertical environmental platform for integrated service management. This platform plans, manages, controls and certifies the activity of vehicles, machines and operators participating in the managed activity or ecosystem.
In addition, it allows users to obtain daily and automatic reports and comparisons in order to achieve maximum profitability in the exploitation. This solution has also incorporated FIWARE technology. Find out more by visiting our showroom in La Lonja!


Dinycon and its solution DinyCONT for the capacity control

Dinycon’s solution consists of a people counting system at the entrances of a limited area, as an example, the showroom of La Lonja itself.

The sensors measure with an accuracy of 97% and count the number of people entering until the maximum permitted capacity level is reached, which is configurable. At that moment, an alarm signal, which can be visualized through a monitor (screen, totem, etc.), a luminous device, or even an access control barrier, etc. , is sent.

The historical data is stored in a cloud platform, from where we can also visualize the situation in real time, generate reports, manage by zones, etc. 


iUrban’s solution

iUrban is a tactile device for displaying information and points of interest. This kind of device is used in Smart Cities and to help the user in tourism activities, festivals or events with large crowds.

In addition, this solution incorporates FIWARE technology in its functioning. Find out more by visiting our showroom!


Urbiótica and its solutions U-Spot M2M and U-Admin

Urbiótica’s solution,  "U-Spot M2M", consists of a wireless parking sensor that measures every three seconds (configurable) the variations of the earth’s magnetic field that occur in a parking space and by this way determine the free or occupied spaces.

On the other hand, the company’s solution “U-Admin” is Urbiotica’s multilingual software platform for managing the sensor system and analyzing information. It is composed of several complementary tools that allow managing the devices, operating the system, analyzing the information and integrating the information in proprietary systems through APIs.

U-Spot M2M

In future posts we will present more interesting solutions that you can learn about at La Lonja. We look forward to seeing you! Write to and visit us.

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