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FIWARE Tech Program

Do you want to have a global solution? With this program we help you to implement or integrate your solution with FIWARE technology through training, support and individualized and specialized mentoring

What is FIWARE?

FIWARE technology is based on a series of open source tools that use an standardized protocol, the NGSI protocol, which defines how context information is exchanged and accessed.

This allows the development of portable and interoperable solutions, capable of connecting to third-party data platforms and sharing the information in an standardized way. FIWARE technology is based on various pillars:

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Open Source

FIWARE includes a set of open source components that interact with each other and with other third-party components for the development of intelligent platforms and solutions in a quickly and easily.

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Data usage

The use of standard APIs for context data management and exchange together with that of standard data models of data guarantee data interoperability and reusability, thus avoiding information silos

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Intelligent solutions and services

Context data can be consumed by different sources, as well as third-party solutions, allowing the generation of grater value by being employed in multiple applications that integrate different data sources.

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At whom is this program aimed?

The FIWARE Tech program is permanently open to different entities such as: 

- Entrepreneurs, startups and small companies
- Large companies in the port sector
- Public entities
- Academic sector (professors, students and research groups)


- Free access to commercial FIWARE platform ready to use
- Specialized and personalized FIWARE technical support
- Access to the FIWARE ecosystem and the rest of the international community
- Availability of Hardware and sensors at the center for demos and rapid prototyping
- Accompaniment to fairs and exhibitions of the sector
- Direct contact with the Port Authority of Huelva

Beneficios FIWARE

FIWARE Tech Program Phases


Mentoring application

The interested party must request access to the FIWARE Tech program through


Analysis meeting

In the first meeting, the FIWARE technology will be presented.


Needs analysis

In a second meeting, a program of sessions with final objectives will be defined.


Periodic meetings

Weekly follow-up in two 4-weeks cycles to complete the defined objectives.


Product validation

Application to obtain the FIWARE validation seal.


FIWARE marketplace

 With your Powered by FIWARE or FIWARE Ready seal you will be part of the FIWARE marketplace.

Validation of FIWARE-based solutions

If your product or solution is FIWARE compliant, it can get a validation seal and appear on the official FIWARE Marketplace site.

Depending on the type of product and solution, and how the context information is managed, there are different kinds of validations, which can be differentiated into 2 main groups, Powered by FIWARE or FIWARE Ready.

The solutions that obtain them are included in the FIWARE Marketplace.

  • Powered by FIWARE Solutions

    Powered by FIWARE


    Certifies an end-to-end solution of a product for multiple FIWARE technologies to collect context information and process it to perform intelligent actions.

  • Powered by FIWARE Platforms

    Powered by FIWARE


    FIWARE platforms are offered as a service so the customers can develop, deploy and run Powered by FIWARE solutions without having to worry about the deploying and maintaining components.

  • FIWARE-Ready IoT devices

    FIWARE ready IoT devices

    IoT devices

    FIWARE-Ready devices send the metrics they collected as context information, either through the NGSI standard or through IoT agents.

  • FIWARE-Ready software components

    FIWARE Ready Software Enablers

    Software enablers

    These are components easily integrated with FIWARE, which extend the basic capabilities of the platform with advanced features (e.g. in-building localization…), allowing the construction of more sophisticated applications.

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