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Navlandis, Fedepesca and Contazara and its smart water solutions at La Lonja

In our showroom, we have more than 22 technological solutions. On previous occasions, we have talked about the smart cities sector proposals from Movisat, Dinycon, iUrban and Urbiótica, and the sustainability solutions from Hopu, Solum and Green Globe that you can find in La Lonja. On this occasion we will review the smart water solutions that you can find in our space.

From La Lonja we support innovation and the quest for improvement of the logistics-port sector,so having good facilities and services, which minimize the displacement work, downtimes, as well as having connections with other means of transports is very important for having a good performance. 

This is the case of Nanlandis, Fedepesca and Contazara’s proposals, which are specialized in solutions for the maritime sector. Do you want to know them? Let 's go!

Water is an essential resource for the economic development and social well-being of our planet. It is also scarce, so we must find innovative solutions to optimize its use

If you want to know more about these technologies, don’t hesitate to contact us to make an appointment and visit our showroom, we will be pleased to welcome you!

Navlandis and its solution Zbox

Navlandis has worked inside the box to obtain a carrying bag which complies to all market standards and specifications, and is also a standard folding bag.

They are committed to sustainability. Furthermore, their container solutions are always associated with social, economical and environmental benefits.


Fedepesca and its solution of La Pescadería Artesanal

Pescadería Artesanal is a marketplace dedicated to artisanal fishermen. This marketplace has as its objective to digitize the ecosystem of artisanal fishermen on a national scale and to provide a digital tool to sell captures to both companies and consumers.

The marketplace has been developed by FEDEPESCA, the union that represents artisanal fishermen in Spain. This is a project financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU, with the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, to start the digitization of fishing fishmongers of regional associations from different regions/autonomous regions.

La Pescadería Artesanal

Contazara and its smart counters solutions CZ3000 RI and CZ4000 RI

Contazara presents at La Lonja’s showroom its CZ3000 series solutions, which with an integrated radio provide the necessary solution to complete telemetry projects.

Designed for the installation of individual counters, it discreetly integrates the electronic radio inside the box and is protected against possible fraud.  These counters are designed to support remote readings via the Walk-by function or integrated into the smart grid

The CONTAZARA digital counter is a safe, reliable and economical way to transform cities of any size. This is MADE possible by allowing installation ON wired batteries with a single unit of radio, using the RI family for indoor or outdoor installation only

This solution has also incorporated FIWARE technology. Learn more about it at La Lonja!

Smart counters CZ3000 RI and CZ4000 RI

In future posts we will introduce you Situm, Mykeys, Engidi, IOVI and Crosscall and we will talk about their more efficient solutions, which you can discover in La Lonja showroom.

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