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Discover the programs and services offered by La Lonja de la Innovación


La Lonja de la Innovación provides entrepreneurs with numerous useful resources to help their projects achieve the success they deserve. We have a startup acceleration program, a FIWARE program which is always open, and, also, throughout the year, we launch technological challenges in which everyone interested can participate. To give you a better understanding of what we offer, here is a brief overview of the services offered by La Lonja de la Innovación.

Startup acceleration program

In La Lonja we have set out to promote the digital transformation of the port sector and one of the ways to achieve it is with our acceleration program. In this, we offer entrepreneurs, companies or startups that want to develop their activity in innovative areas, all the necessary resources to achieve it, in addition, the Port of Huelva itself is made available to them for piloting, as well as a technology testing ground.

In our calls for this program, we look for innovative technology-based projects with a positive impact on the economy to join La Lonja, and preferably in the areas related to the Smart Port concept. All those startups that become part of our Hub will be supported by our team of expert mentors, who will accompany them during the process in a personalized way and adapted to the needs of each of them.

Technological challenges

Throughout the year we launch technological challenges together with our partners or the Port Authority of Huelva in which anyone interested can participate by sending their proposal to the problem posed. With these we aim to find answers to the needs of the logistics-port sector, in addition to boosting the entrepreneurial ecosystem and expanding the business network of startups in the region.

In the last one, posed by MIS of the MSC Group, we sought to obtain a solution for remote management of refrigerated containers and integration into the management platform. On the other hand, last year, we launched a challenge in which we were looking for a non-point fog sensor which reports visibility meters.

FIWARE Program

In addition to the acceleration program, we have a FIWARE Tech program that remains open throughout the year. With this program we help you to implement or integrate your solution with FIWARE technology through training, support and mentoring customized to your needs. 

The program provides benefits such as, for example, specialized technical support in the area; free access to the ready-to-use commercial FIWARE platform; access to the FIWARE ecosystem and the rest of the international community; availability of Hardware and sensors at the center for testing, etc.

Other services

As we can see, La Lonja de la Innovación has many initiatives that aim to improve and promote the entrepreneurial fabric of the region. But that is not all, because we also provide entrepreneurs and companies with many services focused on supporting innovation and the growth of projects. Those who are part of La Lonja, can enjoy:

  • Mentoring. Our team of expert mentors accompany entrepreneurs in their path by offering personalized mentoring in different areas necessary to growth.
  • The port is open. Access to logistics meetings with the Port Authority of Huelva; invitations to talks of the sector; etc.
  • FIWARE. Technical support and expert training in FIWARE, support in achieving the products and solutions certification by the FIWARE Foundation, among many other advantages.
  • Visibility. Access to contacts from the Port Authority of Huelva, Telefónica and companies related to La Lonja. In addition to attending fairs as participants, panelists, with a stand, etc. and promotion in the media.
  • Investment and financing. We ease the access to investors and public financing tools and European calls.
  • Challenges, laboratories and piloting. Participation in calls for innovation challenges, workshops, talks, hackathons to address technological challenges. On the other hand, they will have at their disposal the Port of Huelva for the piloting of solutions.
  • Benefits (perks). We offer access to the benefits and discounts provided by Telefónica in leading tools in the market.
  • Networking. They will be able to enjoy close contact opportunities with companies of the logistics-port sector and with startups from the Open Future ecosystem.
  • Success stories talks. Participation and even presentation of successful case studies of  logistics-port and other sectors, by renowned national and international entrepreneurs.

After reading all this, being part of La Lonja de la Innovación must sound more tempting than ever. So, if you want to join us and be able to enjoy all of the services we offer, visit our webpage and don’t hesitate to write to us at

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