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We launch the first innovation challenge for obtaining a non-point fog sensor

La Lonja de la Innovación continues to launch actions to revitalize the entrepreneurship ecosystem and thus strengthen and expand the business network of startups in the region

On this occasion, it is the Port of Huelva who, through the Technological Innovation Node of La Lonja, has created its first open innovation challenge to cover a need detected in its operational management.

It is therefore a challenge applied to the port-logistics sector with direct applicability to the real management of the port. What does this challenge consist of? Continue reading!

The Port of Huelva’s innovation challenge

The Port of Huelva needs a non-point fog sensor to report the visibility meters, a need that has not yet been covered by the market but that we are sure that the entrepreneurial ecosystem of La Lonja can address.

The weather effect that most affects the Port of Huelva is fog. This phenomenon can lead to its closure a certain number of days per year on a recurring basis, because of the impossibility of pilots to board and carry out their work.

In this regard, it is necessary to have a clear measurement of the fog in the pilots’ boarding area, so  the density of the fog can be known in advance for decision making.

Therefore, it will be necessary to have a fog sensor which sends back a measure of meters of visibility, so that  objective values of the density of the fog can be obtained.

The sought solution will need to be integrated through NGSIv2 with a FIWARE Platform, in which at least the destiny )in meters of visibility and location) will be loaded.

With the solution resulting from this first innovation challenge, the Port will gain competitiveness in the management of the traffic and in the provision of services to users. Will you help us?

The Port and La Lonja are waiting for your proposals! All the information can be consulted in the Profile of the Contractor of the Port of Huelva website

Stay tuned to our website and our social media so you don’t miss any innovation challenges that we will publish soon. More information soon! 

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