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La Lonja launches a new challenge for the remote management of refrigerated containers and integration in management platforms

La Lonja de la Innovación and MIS - Maritime IoT Solutions B.V have launched a new challenge with the support of Telefónica as part of its activities to boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem and thus strengthen and expand the business network of startups in the region.

It is therefore a challenge applied to the logistics sector, with direct applicability to the real management of the port. What does this challenge consist of?  Keep reading!

Maritime IoT Solutions innovation challenge

One of the main components of port logistics processes are the so-called “Carriers”, which are responsible for the transport of containers, both refrigerated and dry, on their ships. In the case of refrigerated containers, since they transport perishable goods, having a solution that allows their remote management has a direct impact on improving the quality of the goods transported by detecting any variation in critical parameters such as temperature or humidity, in addition to drastically reducing the costs of the operation.

MIS’s main customer has several suppliers of refrigerated containers, between them, it is StartCool (MCI). The main issue of this challenge is to be able to “understand” the language that these containers “speak”, which is proprietary.  Furthermore, it will be necessary to send the information extracted from the containers to the determined management platform, with the data structure proposed. This mode of operation should be possible both in the case of containers on land and containers on board of cargo ships at sea

The main motivation for this challenge is to give answers to the need to be able to monitor and remotely manage the refrigerated containers of StarCool (MCI).

The proposed solutions, which must be implemented within a maximum of 1 year, will include:

  • Hardware required to communicate with the refrigerated container controller in a bidirectional manner.
  • Firmware (to be run on the hardware referred to in the previous point) developed to enable the monitoring and remote management of these containers.
  • Connectivity: it will be developed through LORAWAN and Mobile networks (including the necessary hardware). Other secondary connectivity, such as Bluetooth Low Energy, etc. will also be valued.

What does La Lonja de la Innovación and Maritime IoT Solutions challenge search?

No strictly limiting aspects are defined for the development and implementation of the solution by the companies, but some minimum requirements are defined, such as being a FIWARE-READY solution.

Furthermore, the unit for collecting and sending information from the refrigerated container, from now on modem, must be integrated with the refrigerated container management controller to be able to read/write (request information, change container parameters, etc.) as well as having the possibility of transmitting information through LORAWAN and mobiles communications.

Additionally, it must be able to manage the following events:

- Flow from Backend to Modem (other than those listed can be included): GetBasicData (request for basic refrigerated container information), GetControllerData (request for refrigerated container controller information), ChangeContainerNumber (request to change the number of the refrigerated container), ChangeControllerDate (request to change the refrigerated container date), SetTempSetpoint (request to set temperature in refrigerated container), AddProfile (request to add profile), ListProfiles (request to list profiles), RemoveProfile (request to delete profiles), UpdateProfile (request to update profiles), GetExtendedData (request to get extended information), GetDcxFile (request to get DCX file), ExecutePti (request to execute PTI), AckMessage (request for ACK message), etc. 

- Modem to Backend (other than those listed can be included): BasicDataMessage (basic information sending), ControllerDataMessage (controller data sending), ListProfileMessage (profiles listing sending), ExtendeDataMessage (extended information sending), SendDcxFile (DCX files sending), PtiStatusMessage (PTI status sending), AckMessage (ACK message sending), etc.

Finally, and even though the challenge consists of a proof of concept, the solution, if validated, must be prepared for a supply of 30.000 units at a later date, which must be justified in the proposal. This point must be taken into consideration from the moment the applications are submitted, since this challenge is not intended to end with the proof of concept, but rather with its commercial implementation in the market.

How to apply to La Lonja de la Innovación and Maritime IoT Solutions challenge?

Register your proposal for this challenge through the Open Future Platform (only in Spanish) before April 16.You can also send us your questions to See the rules and the appendix for all the details.

With the solution resulting from this new innovation challenge, the Port will gain competitiveness in the refrigerated containers management. Will you help us?

The Port and La Lonja are waiting for your proposals!

Stay tuned to our website and social networks in order to not miss out on new opportunities for the sector that we will be publishing soon. More information soon!

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