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New Year’s resolutions for entrepreneurs

2023 has arrived and, as usual, it’s time to get down to work to fulfill your New Year’s resolutions. These don’t have to be only focused on your personal life, but you can also set goals and resolutions to meet this 2023 in your startup so that it grows more and more.

The La Lonja de la Innovación team has prepared this list to help you focus and start the year with clear ideas.

Our list of resolution ideas

Before starting to set your resolutions as an entrepreneur, you need to analyze what you are doing well and what you need to improve, since this will depend on the new goals you set for this new year. We have gone ahead and made a list of some of the best resolutions for every entrepreneur.

  • To grow. This purpose should never be missing in your list, since it is the main objective of every entrepreneur.  Find what you lack  and what is preventing you from growing as you should, so you can dedicate the necessary efforts and resources to face it.
  • Networking. Networking is fundamental to an entrepreneur, therefore you should start putting it into practice in your startup if you have not already done so. One way to achieve it is by attending the main events in your sector to meet other professionals and to make interesting contacts with whom you can make synergies and learn.
  • To rest and take care of yourself. Many entrepreneurs have so much dedication, that little by little they forget about themselves and those around hem. If this is your case, by 2023 you should rest and take care of yourself, exercising, sleeping and eating better… and a long list of habits that you have probably neglected due to your work. Furthermore, it is important to spend more quality time with your family and friends and avoid neglecting them.
  • To increase your productivity. By achieving this objective you will be able to implement the previous one. By being more productive, you will be able to accomplish more work in less time. This will help to reduce your stress and give you more free time to spend with those around you. So it is time to put aside all your distractions and start improving your productivity. To do this, you can resort to numerous techniques and tools to help you achieve it.
  • Innovate in one or several areas. Innovation is essential in entrepreneurship, if you don’t spend time looking for new solutions and proposals for your startup, it will become outdated and you will lose popularity in the market. Therefore, you must reinvent yourself, now is the time to introduce small changes in your company that make you evolve and stand out from the rest.
  • Update and get trained. An entrepreneur can’t be conformist, it is important for you that you stay updated on the latest trends. Therefore, this 2023 you can propose to sign up for courses, read manuals, attend online classes… in different areas of your business sector, or even other, to keep you trained and continue to improve.
  • Keep an eye on La Lonja’s social networks. In the coming weeks the II Startups Acceleration Call of La Lonja will be launched, an excellent opportunity to continue growing.

These are only some of the resolutions that you can consider implementing this 2023 and grow professionally and personally, but you can always add more according to the needs of your startup. In addition, don't forget that when the year is coming to its end, you should measure and check if you have been able to accomplish everything you set out to do.

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