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Tips to improve productivity

Being an entrepreneur involves having many tasks on your agenda, even overwhelming. This ends up causing fatigue and, therefore, a lack of concentration that affects our performance. The feeling of missing hours in the day to complete tasks, easy distraction at work and stress, are common features in almost everyone and revolve around a constant concern among entrepreneurs: productivity.

So if you are one of those people who want to do your best without being overwhelmed and make the most of your time without dying trying, today at La Lonja de la Innovación we show you how to improve your productivity.

How to improve productivity at work

Know yourself. To be productive, self-knowledge is necessary, so you can know what your biggest distractions are during work and thus put the means to avoid them. In addition, you should also know at what time of the day you perform and concentrate best, because that is when you will have to do the longest and most complex tasks.

Prioritize your tasks. Always have an agenda or to-do list with you where you can see everything you have to do every day. It is convenient to organize your tasks according to which ones are more urgent and require more time, since these are the first ones you should do.

Do not multitask. We often make the mistake of believing that if we do several jobs at the same time we are more productive. However, the opposite is true. Instead of carrying out several tasks at the same time, dedicate yourself to only one, because, unlike machines, humans perform better with the single task, so you can focus all your concentration on it and, once you're done with it, move on to the next.

Take a break. Mental breaks are necessary, if you try to face your entire workday without a single break, your productivity will drop to great levels, because your fatigue will kill your concentration and you will not be able to give the best of you. Take short breaks marked every so often, as you need them so that your brain doesn't start to wander.

Tools to improve your productivity

It doesn't end here, in addition to these great tips, the La Lonja team brings you a few tools that are great allies when it comes to improving productivity. Take note:

Forest. This application helps you avoid falling into one of the most common distractions: looking at your cell phone every second. In it you must plant a seed that after half an hour becomes a tree, but if before that time you leave the app and use your cell phone, your plant will die.

Basecamp. This tool helps you organize and manage your projects in teams. It is very useful, efficient and intuitive and will allow you to have a clear reflection of what you and your team should do and what you have already completed.

Focus To Do. Helps you avoid distractions using the pomodoro technique.  Combine the pomodoro timer with a list of your tasks and projects.

Todoist. It is one of the most downloaded apps in this area, as it is a great option to organize and manage all your tasks in lists. 

Now that you know a few tricks and tools to improve your productivity at work, what are you waiting for to apply it to your routine? From La Lonja de la Innovación we offer solutions and tips for every entrepreneur, so, if you do not want to miss more help like this, discover more on our website and write us at!

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