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NEC puts La Lonja as a reference for an iHub in Japan

The Japanese company NEC has visited this week La Lonja de la Innovación and the Port of Huelva in order to learn about the operation of the first FIWARE port node in the world, to promote a technological innovation center of similar characteristics in their country.

La Lonja de la Innovación received yesterday various Japanese representatives of the company NEC from the Smart Cities division belonging to the iHub Base together with two representatives of NEC Iberia, including José Luis Maté Gómez, CTO of the company.

The reason for their visit is due to the intention of replicating the methodology in their iHubs (one of them iHub Base, of which visitors are part of) and for this purpose they chose La Lonja as a reference.

In  addition, the team was able to meet some of the startups accelerated at La Lonja, as well as some of our mentors during the visit to learn first-hand about their solutions and the work that is made from La Lonja.

In the visit, they were accompanied by Rocío Díaz Pereira, director of the hub; Juan Marcelo Gaitán, Director of FIWARE iHubs in Telefónica; and Manuel Francisco Martínez, CTO at the Port Authority of Huelva.

During the day, Gabriel Gómez (Nebulous), Néstor Santos (Tripulando), and Fernando Navarro (Seaport), could share their experience as accelerated startups.

In addition, we were also able to have there our technology mentor Miguel Angel Torres, to present the training and support work carried out in the hub.

NEC in the Port of Huelva

Prior to this visit the representatives of NEC were also able to visit the Port of Huelva facilities accompanied by the president of the Port, Pilar Miranda; Iganacio Álvarez-Ossorio, head of the Technology Department; Manuel Francisco Martínez, and technicians from La Lonja.

In this regard, the president of the Port of Huelva, Pilar Miranda, said that “for us it is a great satisfaction to receive a leading international technological multinational , which aims to promote in Japan a technological node taking as a reference our Lonja de la Innovación, the first FIWARE port node in the world, as in this way we position ourselves as a world leader at the forefront of digitization”  

The NEC company generates more than 100.000 jobs all over the world, since it has more than 300 companies in more than 50 countries. For the entire La Lonja team it is a pleasure to become an international reference for companies such as NEC.

La Lonja de la Innovación is the first FIWARE port node worldwide, and it is located on the first floor of the building of the new fish market of the Port of Huelva.This project is framed on the strategy Route to the Digital Interconnected Port (RAPID) of the Port of Huelva, which has an investment plan of 28 millions euros over five years to undertake a process of technological innovation in every field of internal management and port operations.

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