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La Lonja de la Innovación recognized as the first FIWARE iHub port

Congratulations! We have been recognized as FIWARE iHub! And that makes us the first port FIWARE iHub in the world ??.

After weeks of evaluations, paperwork and a lot of hard work, the FIWARE Foundation has recognized us as an incubated FIWARE iHub, but....

What is FIWARE? What is a FIWARE iHub?

FIWARE technology is a set of open source components, free of licenses, for the development of platforms that facilitate the development of intelligent solutions in multiple sectors, as in our case is the port sector. 

So, what are FIWARE iHubs? FIWARE iHubs are FIWARE Foundation verified hubs focused on creating an ecosystem that enables companies to grow regionally and globally.

This support is aimed at startups, companies, students and developers, as well as the impact ecosystem such as ports, cities and industry, on their innovation and digitization journey.

The FIWARE iHub offers easy access to open source technologies and standards, support for business development and the creation of an innovation ecosystem.

Think Global, Act Local

The slogan of the FIWARE iHub is a true statement of intent, act local but always think global, using a standard that allows solutions to be deployed anywhere. The goal is to increase the market potential for solutions developed within the iHub ecosystem.

This globality is also reflected in the network of contacts that FIWARE centers can bring within their local ecosystem, allowing companies to get partners outside their region.

Innovation centers

Innovation means creating new markets and remaining a leader. FIWARE iHubs help turn ideas into smart, ready-to-use solutions, supporting the creation of new products and services and, consequently, having a significant impact on the market or society.

By accessing iHub services, private companies, public administrations, universities and research centers benefit from the regional cooperation of multiple partners towards innovation, as well as the creation of links between different centers and entities, and can contribute to generate business outside the limits of the center's scope.

FIWARE iHub areas of action

iHub Center

The iHub facilities act as a physical meeting point for the local community ecosystem, allowing the organization of all kinds of sessions, trainings and events.

iHub School

Provides a multitude of activities that allow you to learn everything you need to know about FIWARE, from a business and technical perspective.

iHub Lab

Provides an environment for testing, piloting and certification of FIWARE-based solutions and services.

iHub Business Mentor

Focuses on the dissemination, diffusion and promotion of FIWARE solutions and technologies, accompanying companies, entrepreneurs and startups.

iHub Community Creator

Brings together local stakeholders, acting as a gateway to the local and global FIWARE ecosystem and ecosystem companies.

How can I take advantage of all the benefits of a FIWARE iHub?

Just contact us for advice on your path to FIWARE, and we will inform you of the open programs we have available, as well as the activities we carry out on a regular basis. Write to us at!

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