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La Lonja de la Innovación achieves the first star as FIWARE iHub at the International Congress in Vienna


La Lonja de la Innovación has been recognized with the FIWARE iHub one-star category at the ninth edition of the FIWARE Global Summit, an international FIWARE technology congress held in Vienna.

This recognition comes on our first anniversary. This means a double leap in category, after having exceeded in our first months of activity the requirements to obtain our first star.

The president of the Port of Huelva, Alberto Santana, met yesterday with Joaquín Segovia, director of the Southern Territory of Telefónica Spain, to take stock of the activity we carried out during our first year and to analyze new lines of work.

Santana has shown his satisfaction for the "great dynamism that La Lonja de la Innovación has achieved since its launch in April 2022, in our commitment to create in the Port of Huelva the first global technological node FIWARE specialized in logistics-port innovation, with the support of a first class technological partner, and the involvement in the project of technicians, companies, startups, entrepreneurs and mentors".

At La Lonja we have become an iHub FIWARE center during our first year by functioning as a meeting point for entrepreneurs and technology experts, companies, universities and public institutions, which has made it possible for us to achieve our first star.

To obtain this new category, it has had to meet certain standards in five areas such as iHub Center, as a physical access point for meeting the local community ecosystem; iHub school, as a place where FIWARE training exists, from a business and technical perspective; iHub lab: testing, piloting and certification of FIWARE solutions and services; iHub business mentor, as awareness, dissemination and promotion of FIWARE solutions; and iHub community builder to bring together local stakeholders, activating as a gateway to the local and global FIWARE ecosystem.

During this first year we have hosted more than 880 activities with more than 2,600 attendees from the public, private and academic sectors. In addition, the startups accelerated in our programs and our team have been present in some of the main fairs of the sector such as Transfiere Malaga, South Summit Madrid, FIWARE Summit Vienna, Meet the investors and AspBan Lisbon, among others.

Also, one of the latest achievements that has made this upgrade possible has been the advice and support we have given to the company Novality, expert in smart parking solutions for bicycles and scooters, so that they could obtain FIWARE-Ready certification. This validates that the company has an end-to-end solution of one product for multiple FIWARE technologies, with the objective of collecting context information and processing it to perform intelligent actions.

After reviewing the documentation evidencing all the work we have done, the FIWARE Foundation committee has awarded us this new badge as a one-star FIWARE iHub. In addition, we have a specific FIWARE program, which remains open all year round, where we provide support, advice, visibility and connections to entrepreneurs, startups and companies interested in this technology.

On behalf of the FIWARE Foundation, Ulrich Ahle, CEO of the FIWARE Foundation and Stefano De Panfilis, COO at FIWARE Foundation, made public this recognition in the final act of the international meeting of the FIWARE community in which Rocío Díaz, director of La Lonja de la Innovación and Lisandra Tamayo, FIWARE dynamizer of La Lonja, participated.

This recognition means that we consolidate our services by offering: an iHub platform for testing 'Powered by FIWARE' solutions and technologies ready for FIWARE technologies; the organization of FIWARE dissemination events and events in collaboration with local universities; basic workshops for trainers, research groups and public officials; deeper collaboration with other FIWARE iHubs; promotion of FIWARE Accelerator programs; FIWARE Lab user accounts; iHub staff for FIWARE training and coaching and FIWARE testing and certification activities; extensive connections with local industry and public authorities; and agreements in place with technology parks and municipalities.

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