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Novality obtains the FIWARE-Ready certification in La Lonja


The company Novality has recently obtained the FIWARE-Ready certification after receiving our support and advice. This certification validates that the company has an end-to-end solution of a product for multiple FIWARE technology to compile context information and process it to make smart actions.

The certified company offers a smart and secure parking solution for bicycles and electric scooters in private lockers, that have sockets to charge vehicles whilst stored and space for personal belongings, managed through an app that knows in real time the occupation level and the mobility flows of each station. In this way, Novality helps to develop urban micro-mobility.

In order to obtain this certification, Novality contacted La Lonja de la Innovación to ask for our advice, since we are the first port FIWARE iHub of the world. From that moment on, we started a training and mentoring process customized to their needs with the aim of providing them with the necessary knowledge about FIWARE technology. In this way, the company received our advice to obtain this certification, as well as IoT Agent training and support for the integration of the data in the Thinking Cities platform, in this case.

After this process guided by La Lonja, the FIWARE Foundation conducted an interview with Novality so they could learn about their solution. Finally, and after the presentation, they gave the company the certification, thus becoming a solution powered By FIWARE, which also means appearing on the official page of the FIWARE Marketplace.

Novality’s solution

Novality contributes to develop urban micro-mobility through parking for bicycles and electric scooters equipped with private lockers where the vehicles can be charged. Each station is managed form a central unity and the users can, through and app, book a space in advance; in addition, it is compatible with other transports systems with the objective of supporting intermodality and being a source of mobility data for cities

The company’s challenge is to become a multimodal hub within Smartcities. In addition, its objective is to boost connected micro-mobility and take advantage of the IoT node to add services or utilities such as, for example, air quality sensors, people counters, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to integrate into a FIWARE environment that allows it to communicate with the different Smart Cities platforms of Public Administration and Innovation Hubs.

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