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HV Reparto Sostenible Social, sustainability and inclusivity hand in hand


We continue getting to know better the startups that joined La Lonja de la Innovación in our latest call. This time, we sat down to talk with Raúl Virella, from HV Reparto Sostenible Social, a last-mile logistics startup.

HV Reparto Sostenible Social project

HV Reparto Sostenible Social is a “non-profit workers’ cooperative with a social purpose, dedicated to providing last-mile services sustainably. It is a responsible company with a city-oriented project”. In it, messaging and delivery services are offered using their own electric bicycles made from recycled and reused materials and bikes.

This is what makes them different from the competition, as in addition to being sustainable, they engage in a “100% inclusive” activity, since their purpose is to create employment opportunities for individuals with limited access to the job market. Their work results in a triple impact: “social, economic and environmental”. In addition to this, they support local businesses in pedestrian areas of the city center, factors that make them stand out against potential competitors.

Its journey through La Lonja de la Innovación

This startup was born to provide a responsible solution to home deliveries for online commerce in the city of Huelva, and, to achieve it, they decided to join La Lonja de la Innovación so they could grow through the training and support offered here. Since then, in their path through the acceleration program, they have managed to “acquire and expand skills, as well as new knowledge in different areas of the company for its development”. This has allowed them to “meet the roadmap and strengthen the foundations of the project”. In addition, Raúl talks about the positive aspects of sharing this experience with the rest of startups accelerated at La Lonja, “the relationship is very enriching” he says.

With their solution HV Reparto Sostenible Social manages to integrate people into society by generating jobs and making eco-friendly deliveries, contributing to the improvement of air quality and reducing noise pollution.

If you want to still getting to know more about the startups of La Lonja de la Innovación, stay tuned to our social media, because soon we will be conducting more interviews like this one we did to HV Reparto Sostenible Social or this one made to Kuviotech, a startup specialized in the IoT sector.

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