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Kuviotech (Ecourbes), growing with La Lonja de la Innovación


Kuviotech, formerly known as Ecourbes, is a startup specialized in the IoT sector accelerated in La Lonja de la Innovación. Today, to get to know it better, we have interviewed its CEO, Eduardo Murillo.

Kuviotech project

This startup accelerated at La Lonja de la Innovación, specialized in sustainability and efficiency projects, provides valuable information that can be easily leveraged through its tool Imperium. It provides personalized solutions to their clients, allowing them to integrate into their platform market IoT elements or create a customized one to optimize and measure the analysis and decision-making processes based on data.

It was born to address a problem prevalent in the sector: many companies can’t find a tool in the market that helps them measure their processes and, in other cases, implementing such a tool is very costly. That’s why Eduardo Murillo created Kubviotech, “the most agile company in the sector, offering customized solutions to each client at the lowest cost”.

Kuviotech has developed Imperium, a management tool that allows you to visualize and harness all the information coming from configured IoT elements. In addition, this startup offers different services: Ecourbes Water, Waste, Efficiency, Energy and Agrotech.

  • Ecourbes Water aims for the digitization and sensorization of networks to optimize the comprehensive water cycle. It enables a more efficient and sustainable management of hydraulic networks in each area.
  • Ecorubes Waste contributes to improving waste processes to meet the 2030 goals. They employ AI to measure real volumes, anticipate decisions in their production processes, and optimize waste collection routes, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Ecourbes Efficiency aims to digitize and sensorize all industrial processes subject to it, saving energy and minimizing costs.
  • Ecourbes Energy aims for the digitization and sensorization of photovoltaic plants, achieving greater control in their operation and cost savings in maintenance plans.
  • Ecourbes Agrotech seeks to achieve the digitization and sensorization of crop fields with a focus on improving productivity and reducing water losses in irrigation.

Their experience at La Lonja

To give their project the boost it needed, the Kuviotech team joined La Lonja after seeing "its clear potential and projection hand in hand with the Port of Huelva," to which Eduardo adds that "the union of both is a great attraction for any startup." Among all the resources and tools offered in the acceleration program, the CEO of Kuviotech has not hesitated to highlight the "exceptional team of mentors that are part of La Lonja," stating that they have guided them in all strategic areas of a company, helping them become a better and more professionalized company.

Furthermore, he emphasizes how enriching it is to share the experience with more entrepreneurs and startups in similar situations to theirs. He confesses, "There are colleagues with whom we already know we will work together on several projects." Additionally, he adds, "Without a doubt, we would enroll in the program again."

If you want to continue getting to know the startups at La Lonja de la Innovación, hurry to our blog to read the rest of the interviews and stay tuned to not miss the upcoming ones.

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