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Aplicaciones Tecnología FIWARE

How can we use FIWARE technology in different sectors?

La Lonja de la Innovación is the first FIWARE iHub in the portuary sector, and we offer a program where we provide technical support to help to integrate and develop solutions based on this technology. At La Lonja, we are convinced of the usefulness that FIWARE has for developing platforms that ease the creation of smart solutions in different sectors. In previous posts, we explained what this technology consists of and what its main components are, and today we want to show you the applications that FIWARE has in some sectors.

FIWARE drives the adoption of standards implemented through open-source technologies. These not only simplify the development process but also the commercialization of smart and interoperable solutions based on FIWARE in sectors such as Smart City, Smart Industry, Smart Energy, Smart Water and Smart AgriFood. Therefore, it contemplates a wide range of possibilities within its applications

It conceives smart environments as ecosystems driven by the efficient management of public services and advocates for strengthening open environments that facilitate collaboration between private companies, public administrations, social organizations, academia and citizens.

But why are important open standards? The significance lies in their ability to help users and technology suppliers in publishing and using data in a way that enables the development of new business models, the creation of open ecosystems and support for public administration in implementing political objectives to provide more efficient public services and, thus, improving citizen lives quality.

FIWARE applications in the Smart AgriFood sector

The Smart AgriFood sector aims to improve the production in farms through the sustainable use of modern means and technologies, resulting in increased output and improved product quality.  To achieve this, it uses a wide range of technologies: IoT sensors, wearable devices, GPS, drones, robots… that provide real-time data. FIWARE has developed a standard way  of developing and integrating solutions for this sector.

The integration of FIWARE Context Broker with blockchain technologies provides the opportunity to establish a secure and unalterable tracking of context updates associated with different steps in the smart agricultural and food value chain. Furthermore, FIWARE supports the potential disclosure of agricultural data, whether to increase transparency or for possible monetization by offering this data to third parties, thus opening up new revenue opportunities.

The real-time monitoring of environmental conditions, smart management of crops and the product's traceability are just some of the notable applications FIWARE has in the AgriFood sector. The platform opens up new possibilities for data-driven decision making, promoting sustainability and food safety.

FIWARE use in Smart Cities

In previous posts, we already explained what Smart Cities consist of. Now, it's time to discover what FIWARE has to offer to this sector. Through FIWARE, cities can achieve their transformation with minimal impact, using standard APIs and common information models.

Las cities are increasingly turning to the use of FIWARE to merge the power of data technology with city collaborations. FIWARE, globally recognized as a leading open-source technology in the digitization market, has emerged as the standard for Smart Cities. In this sense, it helps decision-makers in cities and system integrators integrate standards that promote stronger interoperability, faster market entry, investment security, and replicability.

FIWARE has had a significant impact on key areas such as efficient public services management, real-time monitoring, and urban mobility optimization. By fostering collaboration between diverse systems and devices, the platform empowers cities to make more informed and effective decisions, thus addressing contemporary challenges more efficiently.

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