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Javier Medel
Javier Medel

Javier Medel

Global Password

Product/service Direction and Management Mentor

Javier is an architect and digital entrepreneur, founder and CEO of The Global Password, a startup whose mission is the digitization of language interpretation services, contributing greatly to the evolution of this service and sector.

From a young age, he has developed a creative and innovative spirit, and already in his early days as a professional, he had the opportunity to coordinate large projects with multidisciplinary teams, feeling especially attracted to technological solutions. In the last years he has been interested in the development of ideas and new solutions that, thanks to technology, add value and resolve clear market needs or incorporate improvements in processes or operations.

All this led him to entrepreneurship, as he found an interesting opportunity in the market, forcing the evolution of the analogic services of language interpreting implementing new real-time communication technologies. Javier explains that digitalization provides more efficiency and convenience to these services for both the provider and the client, as well as the complexity of the execution is reduced (which translates into a reduction of costs) and the scope of action is exponentially amplified, generating a blue ocean full of new opportunities.

Our mentor lives in a coastal town that definitely influences his relationship with the sea and his customs, way of life and hobbies. During his summers in Punta Umbría he practices windsurfing and is also interested in scuba diving.

Javier feels that La Lonja de la Innovación can, without a doubt, bring some fresh air to the multiple business possibilities in the province and show new opportunities to entrepreneurs in Huelva. We feel the same way!

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