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What type of entrepreneur are you?


Did you know that there are different types of entrepreneurs? Each with their own characteristics that add value to their personality, although,  despite their differences, all of them have something in common: they search for innovative solutions. Would you like to know which type you are? To help you to find out, in this post we have made a list of the main types of entrepreneurs and their characteristics so that, after reading it, you can identify which you are. 

The main types of entrepreneurs

Although all entrepreneurs share similarities, such as the search for innovative solutions, they all have differences that make them unique and make them stand out in one way or another. Knowing what type of entrepreneur you are will allow you to better understand what your strengths are and how to enhance them, as well as identify what you lack to try to improve in those aspects. Here we leave a list of the entrepreneurs you can find.

  • Multifunctional. They focus on different projects at the same time, they can work on many things with the ability to do well in all of them.
  • By accident. This type of entrepreneur encounters mistakes that end up being discoveries. They are not looking for a specific idea or solution, but suddenly come across it and they identify it as a potential business opportunity.
  • Persuasive. They are leaders with the ability to positively influence people. They focus more on leading than on developing a service or product, but they are capable of success thanks to their persuasive skills.
  • Intuitive. They are carried away by their impulses and sensations, taking risks when it comes to entrepreneurship. They have a great vision and self-confidence.
  • Social. Unlike most entrepreneurs, this type does not seek to make money or gain fame, their aim is to solve problems that affect society or a specific community. They have ambition to change the world and influence others in a positive way. They tend to be people with a revolutionary character.
  • For necessity. This type of entrepreneur usually comes from an unfavorable situation and decides to make that ends by starting a business.
  • Expert. They are entrepreneurs with a more technical profile who work within a specific sector in which they are specialized. They tend to have a great knowledge of the field where they work, as they are experts in the subject, therefore, they often achieve success.
  • Opportunist. They detect and take advantage of the opportunities. This type of entrepreneur is good when it comes to searching and finding solutions, they have a good business sense and it is one of the most common profiles of entrepreneurs.
  • Investor. A person who has capital and resources and decides to invest them in creating a company in order to grow their money. Usually this entrepreneur does not lead, but is more like a shareholder.  They are people with an instinct for business.
  • Visionary. This is the dreamer entrepreneur, they have a vision of the future that allows them to identify trends even before they arrive. They are ahead of the rest and focused on what is going to be a trend in the future, so they work long term.

These are the most common types of entrepreneurs in the business world, after having read all of them, surely you feel identified with one of them or even feel that you are a mix of some of them. Whatever it may be, now that you know what type of entrepreneur you are, you can start making the most of your strengths

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