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What opportunities does blue economy offer?


In previous posts we discussed about blue economy, an economic perspective that involves treating aquatic spaces as drivers of innovation and growth, leading to sustainable and profitable economic development. We explained that this seeks to generate value through the responsible use of marine and coastal resources, but how can this be achieved? What business opportunities does this new economic perspective open up? In this post we explain some of the key areas of the blue economy within which entrepreneurs can find significant business opportunities.

  • Marine renewable energy. The search for renewable energy sources never rests and offers significant entrepreneurship opportunities. Within this search, water, the central focus of the entire blue economy, emerges as one of the main protagonists because it is an inexhaustible source of energy. Among its promising resources are the kinetic energy of waves, which can be converted in electricity through the use of specific devices, and marine currents, constant and predictable water flows that can generate power by moving turbines designed to capture their kinetic energy and convert it into electricity. This opens the doors to many business opportunities such as, for example, the development of technologies for harnessing water energy, research projects to boost this sector, the manufacturing of specialized equipment, and the creation of innovative devices designed to harness wave energy.
  • Maritime Transport and Port Activities. Maritime transport is a growing sector and is one of the most globally sustainable ways to transport goods due to the low carbon footprint of ships compared to other means. Among the business opportunities offered by this sector, we find the search for solutions to make this mode of transportation even more sustainable, considering how to achieve more efficient ships and adopt cleaner fuels. Additionally, technology plays a strong role in this field, with the digitization and automation of ports to make them "smart," opening doors to various new businesses as well.
  • Coastal and Marine Tourism. Tourism is another sector that offers a wealth of opportunities within the blue economy. In recent years, it has become a major trend, and entrepreneurs can leverage it to seek new sustainable solutions and ways to exploit this sector. For example, businesses that offer marine life observation experiences, environmentally responsible diving activities such as reef restoration, underwater cleanup, and more. Furthermore, the numerous opportunities provided by this type of tourism can become a significant economic engine in coastal areas.
  • Marine Biotechnology. Marine ecosystems are an almost inexhaustible source of natural resources, harboring a wide variety of organisms with unique properties, many of which are yet to be discovered. Therefore, another opportunity that the blue economy presents is the research of these organisms and the development of products derived from these species aimed at harnessing their unique properties.
  • Fishing and Aquaculture. According to the United Nations Global Pact, sustainable and nutritious food from the ocean has the potential to meet the needs of the growing global population and improve the livelihoods of future generations. Controlled breeding of fish, shellfish, and other aquatic organisms has become an essential source of food, creating a burgeoning new business opportunity. In this way, aquaculture provides a significant solution to meet the increasing demand for food. Among the opportunities in this field are innovation and the application of new technologies to aquaculture, particularly in areas such as data management and task automation to enhance the efficiency of these practices.

This list represents just a few of the areas where the blue economy operates, providing examples of business opportunities within each. However, the possibilities are not limited to these; every entrepreneur with innovative ideas has the potential to discover previously unexplored opportunities and contribute solutions to existing challenges within these sectors.

At La Lonja de la Innovación, the blue economy is one of our areas of interest. That's why we actively promote the development of innovative solutions and projects within this field. We even drive technological challenges, such as one focused on the remote management of refrigerated containers and integration into management platforms, or another aiming to create a non-point fog sensor that reports visibility in meters. If you have a project within the blue economy, don't hesitate to join La Lonja de la Innovación.

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