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We talked with Diego Martínez, logistics mentor at La Lonja

It’s time to get to know Diego Martínez Camacho, logistics mentor at La Lonja de la Innovación in the Port of Huelva. We could talk with him about his experience, his professional trajectory, entrepreneurship, the initiative, and the role of Huelva in the startup and innovation ecosystem that La Lonja wants to revolutionize.

Diego has been professionally dedicated to the railway sector for 40 years, and without any doubt, he highlights the projects that have directly influenced his city, Huelva. For example, he recalls the importance of the work carried out with the team of the Port of Huelva for the creation of the dry port of Majarabique and all the change it generated in the diversification of port traffic towards containerized general cargo, adding value to the entire logistics chain: “That project made it possible to position the Port of Huelva on the world logistics map.”

In his mentoring specialty field, logistics, his contribution is oriented towards the applicability of projects in current and future logistics chain environments as business models. 

Diego is a lover of his country, where the sea is a daily part of his life. He fills his free time with sports, in particular tennis and mountain biking. He is also a lover of social gatherings, sharing and nature. And he is also one of those lucky people who love their jobs, we are sure that in this innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem this is something more than simple!

Entrepreneurship and Huelva

Our mentor’s relationship with entrepreneurship was very late. He has participated in many projects to create new products, but he actually got to know entrepreneurship through his daughter when she entered in a scholarship program of entrepreneurship of Banco Santander. Currently, he is a mentor in La Lonja and he also participates in a development team of a TrenLab program of Renfe.

In his opinion, we should deepen in the path we have created since the creation of La Lonja de la Innovación by the Port of Huelva together with important partners such as Telefónica.

“We must continue to strengthen the community generated in its environment as a way of mutual aid for the common progress of Huelva society where technology and shared knowledge of it will be our differentiating value.”

We couldn’t agree more with Diego! La Lonja has many aspirations, and undoubtedly, placing Huelva on the most innovative path of technology and progress is one of  them.

In addition, we have talked with our mentor about the importance of pushing FIWARE technology, as basic knowledge in the whole educational process in Huelva. It is of vital importance to promote all kinds of partnerships, in particular the public/private, raising the self-esteem of the ecosystem about what the Huelva society is capable of creating and communicating widely about what is being made. Which is a lot!

The figure of the entrepreneur 

For Diego, the crown jewel of an entrepreneur’s behavior is the will. It is the virtue from which others can be generated. Entrepreneurs must have an iron and indestructible will to be able to bring their idea to reality. If they add passion to this, a perfect marriage is generated. Active listening skills and the ability to observe the reality that surrounds us are also  fundamental.

Diego is aware that many of his other mentor colleagues have all the entrepreneurial experience that he lacks, and he invites us to follow their advice and guidance in that regard. It is a good time to recommend, for example, reading the experience of Miguel Ángel Torres, technology mentor in La Lonja.

However, our mentor also has powerful advice for entrepreneurs: “it is important that they follow the impulse of their heart governed by their minds”. A good mantra to burn into your heart if you are on the road to entrepreneurship!

He also highlights the necessity of don’t miss the magnificent opportunity that entrepreneurs have to develop their projects if they are chosen, in the first port FIWARE iHub such as La Lonja

The last recommendation goes to encourage you to read the book "Good to treat" by Jim Collins, a great inspiration!

It has been a pleasure to get to know Diego Martínez, logistics mentor in La Lonja, a little better. In the initiative we are lucky to have a high quality professional team of mentors encouraged to add and grow the projects of all those who are interested in La Lonja. We are waiting for you!

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