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Tripulando’s learning in La Lonja

The startup accelerated in La Lonja de la Innovación, Tripulando, defines itself as a Bla Bla Car for recreational boats. That is how Néstor Santos, Tripulando’s CEO, describes it in this interview we did to learn more about his project and experience in our acceleration program.

Tripulando is a mobile App that offers the possibility of sharing the experience, expenses and catches obtained in a day of recreational and sport fishing from a boat. 

A new world for Tripulando

This startup had an innovative idea that has allowed them to have no competitors to face, but, if they had, they claim to have an outstanding competitive advantage: “to have a very important person in the recreational fishing sector”.

This is not the first experience as an entrepreneur for Néstor, however, he claims that when he started his adventure with Tripulando, he was entering an unknown and new world for him, the one of a digital-based company, something he is more and more passionate about everyday. It was this lack of knowledge about what he was starting up, one of his motivations to take the step and join La Lonja de la Innovación ecosystem, as he confesses that it was the “learning and linking with investors” that pushed him to our acceleration program.

Continuous learning in La Lonja

The experience in La Lonja de la Innovación accelerator for Tripulando has been “very enriching”. Néstor tells us how, daily, he learns “to use digital tools that make daily tasks much easier” and thanks to La Lonja and this learning, he can now do tasks for which he would have had to hire a professional before.

The mentoring of our team of experts has guided Tripulando during these months, “you realize where you are, where you are going and the real situation of your startup in relation to others in the ecosystem”. For Néstor, the mentoring he has enjoyed in the acceleration program stands out, in particular the communication ones, but also his good relationship with the rest of startups that are being accelerated in La Lonja.

It has been a pleasure to interview Tripulando to know more about their project. More interviews to the startups accelerated in La Lonja de la Innovación will be coming soon, stay tuned to our blog.

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