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TMS Maritime Solutions

The advance of TMS Maritime Solutions in La Lonja

Today the TMS Maritime Solutions team sat down with us to talk a bit about their project and how La Lonja de la Innovación, with its startup accelerator program, is helping them bring it to fruition.

What is TMS Maritime Solutions

TMS Maritime Solutions performs different naval digitalization solutions for fleets of ships, port authorities and shipyards. This startup offers flexible IoT, connectivity IT  and cybersecurity solutions for commercial ships, while for yachts and superyachts, in addition to those already mentioned, they also offer Airtime solutions, TVSAT, IoT and monitoring solutions.

TMS Maritime Solutions connectivity helps the vessel to be connected anywhere. Their project offers an integral vision for the sensorization of every element of the ship. When asking the team about their competitors, they affirm that “there are companies which provide partial solutions, but not comprehensive” and that is precisely what differentiates TMS Maritime Solutions from the rest.

Their experience in La Lonja

TMS Maritime solutions team is living their first experience as entrepreneurs. To overcome their path in this new adventure they decided to join La Lonja de la Innovación ecosystem, which they affirm that “offers a great support for the development and growth of the company” that has led them to grow in various areas.

The geographical location and the size of the Port of Huelva was undoubtedly one of the reasons that motivated this startup to be part of La Lonja, as they claim that this offers a great possibility of making a pilot test to implement their solution. In addition, the services offered by La Lonja have allowed them to optimally develop their business thanks to the support and advice provided by the mentors, which has led them to a very positive acceleration, especially in terms of communication. 

We love to get to know better the startups that join La Lonja de la Innovación and to be able to see the growth and evolution they achieve during our acceleration program. If you want to keep getting to know the rest, stay tuned to our social networks and our website.

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