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Manuel Garcia Palomo

Talking with Manuel García, team mentor at La Lonja

In order to get to know our team mentor better, Manuel García Palomo, we have talked with him about his professional career and entrepreneurship.

Manuel graduated in psychology and is an expert in Organization, Development and Evaluation of the Occupational Formation Training. During his professional trajectory, there have been numerous milestones that have aroused his pride, but he claims that working with managers and teams of different companies and startups, both national and international, and with entrepreneurs so as to define their objectives and the management to achieve them, is his biggest milestone.

Manuel and entrepreneurship

Manuel’s path through the world of entrepreneurship began more than 20 years ago, when he decided to become an entrepreneur. As such, his advice to the startups accelerated in La Lonja is of great value, since even he has had to apply it himself during his professional career,  managing companies and, in addition, working on overcoming teams and managers of business of different sectors malfunction.

If he had to highlight the essential values to be an entrepreneur, his experience has revealed to him that they are “determination, focus and concentrated effort”. With these three characteristics, Manuel has been an entrepreneur more than 20 years and now he shares his knowledge and advice as, for example, the one he gave us in this interview: when fear holds back when it comes to launching an entrepreneurial venture, Manuel encourages you to try it, facing the fear and the difficulties, because, as he says, if you don’t try it, you won’t success.

The entrepreneurship in Huelva is possible

Regarding entrepreneurship in Huelva, our mentor denies that it isn’t possible, but insists that it is necessary to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in the province, giving light and “making known the city, its enormous resources and its people who have extraordinary potential”. For that reason, he encourages every entrepreneur who is thinking of presenting its project to La Lonja de la Innovación not to hesitate and to “take advantage of this valuable resources in order to refine their startups and boost them”

Entrepreneurship in the free time

Our mentor enjoys sailing in his free time, something that he connects to entrepreneurship, since “even if you make a forecast, once you are at the sea, everything can be different. Your capacity to stay alert and to know how to read the conditions correctly is key to achieving your objectives, just as it is in entrepreneurship”.

Manuel didn’t want to go without leaving a recommendation so that you can also find inspiration even in your free time: the 1988 film by the famed Francis Ford Coppola, Tucker: The Man and His Dream.

It has been a pleasure to talk with Manuel García and learn more about him. If you want to get to know the rest of the mentors of La Lonja de la Innovación, stay tuned to our blog, where we will upload many more interviews and content that can be a great help for your startup.

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