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Ports 4.0: new call for Ideas and Commercial Projects


On December 28th, the BOE (Official State Gazette) published the latest call for the Ports 4.0 fund, aimed at the Ideas and Commercial Projects programs. This establishes the guidelines for the granting of public aid by Ports of the State, within the framework of the Entrepreneurship Boost Plan for Innovation in the Port Sector. Check here the regulatory guidelines.

The budget for this call is 6,750,000 euros, distributed in two parts:

  • Ideas: A total of €750,000 is allocated, with €105,000 designated for intrapreneurship. The application for this category is open until February 29th, 2024.
  • Commercial Projects: The remaining €6,000,000 is allocated for commercial projects. 
  • The application deadline for this category is until March 29th, 2024.

Regarding the requirements for Ideas or Commercial Projects that can be selected, they include:

  • The goal should be to achieve a new product, service, or process or improve an existing technology with an innovative component applicable to the logistics-port sector.
  • Promote the achievement of measurable advancements in one or more of the following areas of activity:
    • Logistic efficiency in infrastructure, operational, or service provision.
    • Environmental sustainability and energy.
    • Security and protection.
    • Digitization of processes and intelligent platforms.
    • Any other innovative product, service, or process with an impact on the logistics-port sector or the port nautical or fishing sector.
  • Have a demonstrable and well-defined innovative component concerning its scope, contents, and costs, and not existing in the national and international markets.

The Ports 4.0 Fund was conceived as a corporate open innovation model within the Spanish port system, aiming to attract, support, and facilitate the application of talent and entrepreneurship to the Spanish logistics-port sector. It is structured through a plan of public aids designed to boost entrepreneurship for innovation in the sector, thereby promoting the creation or consolidation of emerging companies, startups, spin-offs, or new business lines of existing companies that develop innovative solutions in the Spanish logistics-port sector. The goal is to enhance and facilitate the adaptation of this sector to the 4.0 economy.

These represent a significant opportunity for projects related to port activities that have innovation as a key ingredient. Therefore, from La Lonja de la Innovación, we recommend all startups to seize this opportunity. You can find all the information on the official Ports 4.0 page.

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