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Podcasts to take your startup to the next level

The podcast phenomenon is here to stay, they have experienced a boom that has also been strongly boosted after the passage of the pandemic. This boom has given rise to podcasts on numerous topics and genres, and among them are those on entrepreneurship.

If you're an entrepreneur and you like to be in continuous training, even when you are on vacation, podcasts, as well as books, can be the ideal option to learn and get inspiration while you relax on the beach or by the pool. In this post, we show you our podcasts recommendations so that this summer you can learn new things while you disconnect and recover energy.

The best entrepreneurship podcasts

  • Boss Tank: being your own boss. Presented by Álvaro Rodríguez, this podcast brings success stories in its episodes. His goal? That his program serves as an ally for you to achieve all the goals of your business through different tips and advice in different areas.
  • TED Talks in Spanish. The famous TED talks (Technology, Entertainment and Design) were born in 1984 and today continue to be a great support for many people. With a huge range of topics and disciplines, these are no longer only broadcasted in English, but now there is also a podcast of TED Talks in Spanish where you can find different experts talking about their area of expertise and where you can find great tips and ideas.
  • Books for entrepreneurs. One of the most recommended Spanish-language entrepreneurship podcasts. As its title anticipates, Luis Ramos, its presenter, summarizes and talks about the most important parts of different books on entrepreneurship, essential and useful for every CEO. If you don't have time to read everything you would like to, this is the podcast for you.
  • Itnig Podcast: Startup stories. If you like innovation this is your podcast. Itning focuses on startups related to technology and communication offering numerous tips and guidance on funding and many more aspects.
  • Open Startups, by Minimalism. Pepe Martín and Víctor Rodríguez are the founders of minimalism, a clothing brand made from organic and recycled materials. Together they run this podcast, which is broadcast from the Google campus, focused on entrepreneurs. It focuses on transparency and aims to open doors to other businesses.

Entrepreneurship podcasts in English

If you are fluent in English and want to enjoy some international podcast, here we leave you some extra recommendations

  • Harvard Business Review IdeaCast. Known as one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs, this program created by Harvard Business Review, one of the leading publications in the business world, offers a more academic perspective than the rest. It is focused on aspects related to marketplace and management and features a variety of high- profile guests and experts.
  • "The Tim Ferriss Show" - Tim Ferriss: Tim Ferriss is an author and entrepreneur who has given life to this podcast of productivity, which already has more than 500 millions downloads. In each episode it shows strategies and routines that lead to success, sometimes accompanied by great references that he interviews, such as Lebron James.
  • "How I Built This" - Guy Raz: Different business leaders share with Guy Raz their experience and history, explaining how they got to where they are today. Unlike the other podcasts, this one doesn’t consist of giving tips or advice, but to find different entrepreneurship experiences so that those who listen to the podcast can draw conclusions and references for their company.

Now it’s time to learn new abilities for your company through these podcasts!

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