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Neobotik's evolution in La Lonja

Today we have the opportunity to know better Neobotik, a startup accelerated in La Lonja de la Innovación specialized in  collaborative robots  palletizing solutions and other packaging applications for the packaging sector. They have a direct impact on every area of the companies, providing competitiveness, margin increase, production, cost reduction, improving the efficiency of manufacturing lines and removing sick leave, in less than 5m2 thanks to its collaborative robot palletizing cell “pallbotik”

Neobotik and its competitive advantage

To face its competitor, Neobotik has a competitive advantage that can be divided into two levels: in its hardware and its software. On the one hand, this startup offers a solution “made entirely of stainless steel and suitable for any type of industry”. In addition, for its construction, only top-brand components have been used for two reasons: durability and quality.  Regarding its software, the Neobotik team has developed its own software with Siemens, that gives them a lot of flexibility and customization in each project they carry out with the client, since this allows them to adapt quickly to their requirements. 

Its time at La Lonja

This is the first experience for the Neobotik team as entrepreneurs and, although they say it can be hard, they emphasize that it is very rewarding, as they face new challenges every day that they must overcome to move forward with their idea. In addition, they give advice to all young people by saying: “I would encourage people to become entrepreneurs from a very young age, as soon as possible, because the learning is very high”.

Excited about their first project as entrepreneurs, the Neobotik team decided to join La Lonja de la Innovación with the objective of continuing to make progress in areas that they needed to improve, and also “to be able to get the necessary preparation and help to obtain the support of private investors and to gain momentum and continue growing”.

Neobotik describes their experience in La Lonja and with the rest of the startups in a very positive way, because, as they say, it has allowed them to learn about different projects and how each of them is progressing to achieve their objectives, something that allows them “to take ideas from other entrepreneurs, which you can apply in your business”.

In short, this has been an experience of great value for them, as they say: “La Lonja de la Innovación ecosystem has allowed us to meet many people outside our sector and that is always good for the future. You never know where are you going to need help and entering La Lonja ecosystem has given us access to it”

It has been a pleasure to talk with the Neobotik team and learn more about the project that they are developing and how their experience at La Lonja de la Innovación is going. If you want to know more about the rest of the startups, stay tuned to our blog.

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