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Nebulous Systems, a continuous evolution at La Lonja

Today we sat down with Nebulous Systems, startup accelerated in La Lonja, to learn more about their project and experience in La Lonja de la Innovación.

Nebulous Systems project

Nebulous Systems is a startup that has the participation of the University of Huelva, created to facilitate the transfer of technology to society. This is done with NEBSYST, a platform that creates remote access to digitized equipment or systems. Companies or institutions that acquire NEBSYST will be able to convert any equipment or system that is controllable from a screen into a secure and private IoT system.

In order to face their competition, NEBSYST has two competitive advantages. The first one is that it works simultaneously with digitized equipment/systems with different protocols and platforms, and the second one is its ability to create secure, private and orderly point to point access.

Its path through La Lonja

The Nebulous team describes their first experience as entrepreneurs as both exhausting and rewarding at the same time. They affirm that running a company is not an easy task and, for that reason, they wanted to be part of La Lonja de la Innovación ecosystem so they could get their project off the ground.

When asking them about their experience in La Lonja, they claim that “it has been a great surprise, they put you in a cyclone that launches your company in record time. In addition to offering us exceptional training in all the necessary aspects”. They also highlight the importance that mentoring has had for the acceleration of Nebulous Systems and, in particular, those of Miguel A.Torres, technology mentor, as they affirm that his mentoring has been decisive for them.

In short, the Nebulous team summarizes that the ecosystem of La Lonja de la Innovación has provided them with “an incomparable training, unconditional support, verve, optimism and desire to succeed”.

If you want to learn more about the rest of startups accelerated in La Lonja de la Innovación, stay tuned to our website and social networks, because more interviews will be coming soon.

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