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Adela de Mora, mentora La Lonja

Meet Adela de Mora, entrepreneurial ecosystem mentor at La Lonja

Today we meet Adela de Mora, entrepreneurial ecosystem mentor at La Lonja de la Innovación.

We review some of the major milestones of the professional career of Adela: her time as a consultant with Eurogestores at its Brussels headquarters, her role as head of European Funds Management in the City Council of Cartaya, director of courses at UNIA Sede la Rábida and director of Andalucía Emprende FPA Huelva. In addition, Adela works on many occasions as a speaker at events of national and international relevance. That’s nothing!

Without a doubt, a professional background that demonstrates everything she has to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of La Lonja.

The professional career of our mentor is very extensive and in addition to the above mentioned she has been responsible in Huelva for 20 years for the public service under the Employment and Economy Office, where she works in the promotion of entrepreneurship, in supporting the creation of companies and business consolidations. Thanks to this experience, her sensibility to the needs and the entrepreneurial market is wide and solid.

She is also responsible for the design, management and development of activities to promote entrepreneurship in the 20 CADE centers in the province and its business accommodation network of 59 offices and 28 industrial buildings; in addition to being involved in the mentoring of different companies.

Huelva and entrepreneurship

Talking with Adela, she tells us that Huelva must facilitate the generation of businesses that respond to the unresolved necessities of society and the business fabric, and design entrepreneurial ecosystems favorable to the emergence of new companies.

It is also really important to continue working and deepening in the promotion of entrepreneurship in educational centers, Vocational Training centers and Universities: “it is important to facilitate the transfer of knowledge between universities and companies. And not only that, but also to transmit to our companies to think ‘global’”

Adela de Mora’s experience is clear: “after leaving Huelva to study in Ireland, university studies in Madrid, postgraduate degree in the USA, starting to work in Brussels, etc. After all these travels around the world, I returned to my city to work in something I am passionate about:  to contribute a grain of sand for the economic development of a province as rich and with as much potential as ours. We must feel proud of living in our province and, above all, believe in it”

At La Lonja de la Innovación we believe in all the talent in the province and all the opportunities we offer. For this reason we know that this is your place if you share our values and aspirations, which are very high!

The ideal entrepreneur

For Adela it is essential for an entrepreneur to believe in what they do, and also to be constant, decisive, with initiative, to know how to work in a team, and to be a good practitioner of active listening. It is also very important that these profiles are talent generators and have a constant interest in their own training.

Our mentor takes the opportunity to highlight two pieces of advice for the entrepreneurial ecosystem: “on the one hand, to set realistics goals, and on the other, to make sure that the mistakes they make serve as a learning experience” 

Adela is committed to ensuring that the knowledge of more than 20 years of helping companies from their seed stage to their consolidation 2ill be of vital help to startups. In addition, her experience in CANVAS design, financial structure of the company, market research, investment planning, added value identification, communication, competition study, people management and talent creation, choice of customers and suppliers, etc. is sure to be of great help to our startups. Don’t you think so? We are sure of it!

Adela tells us that in La Lonja, they can and should take advantage of the team of mentors as an essential support during the life of their company.  Without a doubt, the work of selection and contact with such a wide and varied network of mentors, is a clear differentiation element in the initiative. If you still do not know all of them you can do it in our mentor’s portfolio.

Some summer reads?  The entrepreneurial ecosystem mentor mentions “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu as a must-read. In addition to many other books that help in the difficult path of entrepreneurship: Business Model Generation, OsterWalder; The Lean Startup, Eric Ries; 7 habits of highly effective people, by Covey, etc.

As inspirational movies for the upcoming vacations, Adela recommends The Founder, The Game of Fortune, The Pursuit of Happyness, etc. We take good notes!

If you want to know more about everything La Lonja can offer, do not hesitate to take a look at our programs, and write to us at with all your doubts. We are waiting for you!

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