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Manuel Bravo, FIWARE coordinator at La Lonja, welcomes the initiative

As part of the team at this node, I would like to begin my presentation in a more personal way, my name is Manuel, and I am a coordinator at the technological innovation node of the Puerto de Huelva Huelva, La Lonja de la Innovación.

As someone who considers himself curious and eager to learn new work methodologies, point of views, and to take on new personal and professional challenges, I couldn't resist the temptation to join such an ambitious project as La Lonja. In a constantly changing social and work environment, innovation and entrepreneurship become crucial to adapting solutions to problems that arise almost spontaneously every day in all kinds of fields.

In our case, we focus on the challenges and difficulties of the port and logistics sector that occur in the Puerto de Huelva. The port's commitment to becoming a transformative employment hub, modern and at the technological forefront demanded by the market, is represented in the innovation node from which we work to grow the community and businesses associated with it.

As a technologist, more specifically an electronics specialist, I have always been attracted to the ingenuity and ability to create new solutions to the most everyday problems. That is why I try to contribute my knowledge in technology and information services through FIWARE, which is also part of La Lonja’s project. In this way, I aim to bring this technology closer to the professional and academic spheres influenced by the Puerto de Huelva.

It is a pleasure for me to share space and insights with people with so much experience in such diverse fields and to learn about the fascinating world of entrepreneurship. A main or alternative path, but suitable for all kinds of people, especially for young people, as we see the job market becoming complex and often forcing us to migrate far from our homeland.

Fortunately, technology has also allowed us to match our technical capabilities with other places, not only in Spain but around the world, providing us with everything necessary to build our future in Huelva or Andalusia. At La Lonja, we bring the means and knowledge of our experts and mentors to those who decide to be competitive from Huelva and invest in it.

I hope that now that you know us better, you will not hesitate to come to our innovation node so that we can help you grow your project and achieve its maximum potential for both you and the port and city.

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