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Leveraging FIWARE technology in different industries

We recently began explaining to you the uses that FIWARE technology has in sectors such as Smart AgriFood and Smart Cities. But as we told you in that post, it can be also implemented in other sectors such as Smart Water, Smart Energy and Smart Industry. Today we will explain how it can be exploited in these three sector so that you can gradually become an expert in FIWARE

The use of FIWARE in the Smart Water sector

Water is a fundamental natural resource; therefore, implementing smart and efficient management of it is essential. In addition, this is one of the cornerstones of the future of Smart Cities. In this regard, FIWARE provides essential open standards that simplify the integration of diverse and legacy systems. It facilitates decision-making and presents in the market innovative digital solutions for the entire water cycle. The FIWARE ecosystem ensures wide acceptance among utility companies, municipalities, small and medium sized enterprises (SME), the software industry and the general audience.

In short, the use of FIWARE in the Smart Water sector allows us to obtain real time data about watero it gives rise to a faster decision-making; in addition to facilitating the optimization of the distribution, the quality monitoring and the efficient management of its supply, among other things.

Its application in the Smart Industry

The smart solution of FIWARE for Smart Industry supports the decisions and automates business processes. Its architecture is essential for establishing data spaces that facilitate the effective exchange of information, even among organizations traditionally tied to different domains, such as smart manufacturing, smart logistics, smart ports, cities and homes.

These smart solutions are focused on contextual information management, defining context as a collection of entities that acts as digital twins of real world assets, whether physical (such as a turbine or an operator) or conceptual (as a claim or an order). FIWARE’s standard open API, NGSI, facilitates information management about these digital twins.

Smart Energy and FIWARE

The impact of global warming is generating significant costs for citizens, communities and the economy in general. Moreover, in recent years, it is increasing the social awareness of this threat, leading to a wide social movement advocating for a more responsible interaction with the environment with the goal of preserving it.

In this sense, citizens are more committed to environmental care and advocate for a more efficient and participatory model of production and energy consumption. This is focused on the creation of self-sustaining ecosystems of “local energy communities” which promote the adoption and development of environmentally friendly energies. Therefore, the energy management approach must be decentralized  and democratized. Prosumer individuals must have the capacity to participate on equal terms with large traditional actors.

FIWARE has already made an important difference by introducing standardized, reusable and rapidly implementable models. These facilitate the design of smart energy architectures and the implementation of flexible solutions that allows these new participatory market models in the production and consumption of energy.

If you want to delve further into FIWARE technology, take a look at our blog, where we have explained aspects such as its components or what NGSI, its language, consists of.

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