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How to improve customer experience

Improving the customer experience has become one of the most pursued goals by companies. Because if you enhance customer satisfaction when they interact with your brand, you achieve better results that will help you continue growing in the right direction.

Think about it in this way: if you watch a movie by a specific cinema director and leave the theater unsatisfied, you’ll probably choose a movie by someone else next time. The same happens with companies, if a customer is not satisfied after interacting with a brand, next time they will choose another one.

Therefore, at La Lonja de la Innovación we help startups to put their clients at the center of their actions so that their experiences can be satisfying and their projects can continue to grow. To help you understand more about what customer experience is, in this post we will briefly explore this key element in the success of startups.

What is customer experience

Before we delve into more details, we need to clarify the main point: what is customer experience? It is the perception customers have based on the sum of every interaction they have with a company. These interactions create a perception of your brand in the customer’s mind, which influences in a positive or negative way how they feel and impacts the construction of a brand’s image. But what benefits does a good customer experience bring?

  • Improving the Web Experience. In the digital age, enhancing the customer experience inevitably involves your company's website as well as your social media platforms. Therefore, optimize navigation and improve design to offer a smooth and attractive experience.
  • Using Omnichannel. Integrate various communication channels. Take advantage of social media by uploading different types of content, adapting to the formats of each platform while maintaining brand consistency.
  • Personalized Service. Utilize tools that allow you to personalize communication and tailor your services and products to the needs of each customer. This will strengthen the emotional connection and loyalty.
  • Enhancing Customer Service. You need a well-trained customer service team, as they are the bridge between your customers and your brand. They must make a good impression when contacting customers, as this will have a significant impact on your business.
  • Direct Communication Platform. You can integrate a chatbot on your website to quickly assist customers. This also streamlines the customer service process.

At La Lonja de la Innovación, aware of the importance of customer experience in the success of a startup, our mentors help entrepreneurs who join us to improve it. If you also want to benefit from this help, remember that you can now do so by joining La Lonja through our open call.

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