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Comunicar la marca de tu startup

How to communicate the brand of your startup

Have you ever heard “what is not communicated, does not exist”? Well, this is no exaggeration, if your startup does not make its product or service known through communication, no one will ever know of its existence. For this reason, it is essential to have a good brand communication for your startup.

In La Lonja de la Innovación we are aware of the importance that brand communication within a startup has, so today we give you some keys that you should take into account when carrying it out. 

What is brand communication?

Brand communication is what allows your startup to be recognized in the market and stay in the minds of your consumers. Its objective is to position your business and create links with your target audience, so that they do not forget your brand and, even, recommend your products or services to other people.

How to have good brand communication?

Achieving good brand communication is not an easy task and there are some factors and strategies to which you should pay attention to when doing so. First of all, you must be clear about your objectives and the values and image that you want to convey to your consumers, as all your communication will revolve around this. 

Once you have decided what you want to convey, it is time to initiate the brand communication of your startup taking into account these keys:

  • Coherence. In order to achieve a bond with your consumers, your brand communication must be always coherent. You can’t lose coherence between what you say and what you do, and you should avoid contradicting yourself with the messages you convey, otherwise customer trust will be lost.
  • Differentiation. Make your brand stand out from the rest. If you manage to distinguish yourself from your competitors, the chances that your startup and not another one will remain in the minds of your consumers, will be much higher.
  • Storytelling. Tell stories through your brand. This is an ideal way to engage your customers in the face of the abundance of information and messages they receive throughout the day.. Storytelling is a strategy that appeals to the emotions and with which you can communicate your brand through stories, making the customer want to keep reading and even giving rise to word of mouth.
  • Simple and brief. Describe in a few words what makes you special and differentiates you. If you want your brand to remain in the memories of your consumers, make it easy for them by being as brief as possible when conveying your messages.
  • The customer. The center of the communication is not your startup, it is the customer.  The important thing in your message is not how good your brand is, but to achieve satisfied customers. For this reason, you should always offer what they ask for and not what you want, as well as communicate according to the preferences of your potential customers.
  • Social networks and influencers. We live in the digital era and you should make use of the resources it provides. Using social networks in your media strategy and staying active on them, is a great way to communicate your brand and stay in your customers’ minds. Also, if you can, you should take advantage of the popularity of influencers to talk about your brand, because the impact they generate among their followers will be a great ally for your startup.

These are just a few keys that you should take into account when communicating your brand. From La Lonja de la Innovación, we make an effort everyday to boost your startup and for this, in addition to initiatives such as our acceleration program or our FIWARE Tech program, we offer tips and keys like there in our blog to which you can go to whenever you need. Find out more about La Lonja de la Innovación on our website.

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