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Generative Artificial Intelligence arrives to logistics

BloxAssistan, the product launched by ChainGO Tech, allows you to apply Generative Artificial Intelligence to your logistic processes. It is a virtual assistant  integrated with the groundbreaking Open AI  generative technology which is impacting the world since the launch of ChatGPT

The virtual assistant is fully integrated with the FreightBlox platform, the flagship product of ChainGO, allowing its users to automate tasks and fulfill actions related to the management of their logistic operations through direct messages to the assistant. Among other functionalities, the assistant BloxAssistan allows you to translate messages received by other users or can help when writing a message to other participants in a logistics operation, providing greater clarity and efficiency in the management.

Furthermore, the user can make informative queries about specific documentation and regulations required for the export of a particular commodity to a specific destination, minimizing the time and effort required to search for accurate information. Generative artificial intelligence is transforming various sectors, providing complex solutions to a wide range of problems, such as text writing and market analysis. OpenAI is a clear leader in this field, both in image generation with Dall-e and text generation with ChatGPT. Generative artificial intelligence uses advanced algorithms to produce meaningful results and improve efficiency and productivity in a big variety of industries. With BloxAssistant, ChainGO Tech is leveraging this technology to improve logistics processes and provide a more efficient and user-friendly solution to its customers

“We are excited to launch BloxAssistant, an end-to-end tool that will revolutionize the way companies manage their logistics operations. With BloxAssistant, users will be able to obtain accurate and relevant information about their shipments in a faster and easier way” affirms Andrés Garrido, CEO and cofounder of ChainGO Tech.

To sum up, BloxAssistan is a significant advance in logistics management technology, and a valuable tool for companies seeking to improve their processes and reduce their environmental impact.

ChainGO Tech is a Spanish technology company that is transforming logistics management through solutions based on web3 technologies and artificial intelligence. With presence both in Spain and the United States, this innovative startup has extensive experience in collaboration with large corporations in various sectors. Its most successful product, FreightBlox, is a collaborative platform that optimizes logistics processes and facilitates the exchange of information and documentation

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