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Manuel Garcia Palomo
Manuel Garcia Palomo

Manuel Garcia Palomo

Human Resources

Human Resources Mentor

Manuel is an HR psychologist, specialist in Work and Organisational Psichology by the EFPA, and enthusiastic in transferring to startups, companies, CEOs, managers and teams the advances in the management of key competencies such as conscious leadership, the creation of high performance teams or change management.

How did he get here? Our mentor has a degree in psychology, a master’s degree in HR Management, and is an expert in Organization, Development and Evaluation of Occupational Professional Training. In addition, he has a deep affection for the sea, he loves sailing and if it is with good company, even more so. Who wouldn’t!

For Manuel, La Lonja de la Innovación is a space to support the development of ideas and to share knowledge in order to promote solutions with economic and social impact.

With his support, the projects interested in the initiative will be able to take action focusing on the objective. There is a lot to improve!

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