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Lisandra Tamayo Espinosa
Lisandra Tamayo

Lisandra Tamayo Espinosa

FIWARE dynamizer at La Lonja de la Innovación

FIWARE dynamizer at La Lonja de la Innovación

Lisandra Tamayo Espinosa is a Computer Engineer, and in 2020 she completed a master's degree in Software Quality. In 2022 she also completed a master's degree in Environmental Technology at the International University of Andalusia.

She has ten years of professional work experience. Her first job was as a network administrator at the Centro de Diagnóstico Integral "Los Dos Caminos" in Venezuela.

After this experience, she worked for two years as a teacher, teaching computer science at the secondary and pre-university levels. Then, within a year, she worked as a network administrator in a central node. In 2015, she started in the software development sector, occupying the roles of quality manager, systems analyst, developer and project leader.

As for her relationship with the sea, she says that when she was a child she spent most of her school vacations at the beach and still remembers that she always cried when it was time to leave. She loves all natural environments and watching the sea is one of the activities she enjoys most.

La Lonja de la Innovación opens its doors to people who are starting out on the path of entrepreneurship in Huelva. Lisandra emphasizes that this initiative provides guidance, encouragement, good advice and ideas for projects to become a reality. To do this, it has a team of mentors and specialists who contribute their time and energy.

The FIWARE dynamizer of the initiative considers that her most valuable quality is perseverance. She believes in her goals and visualizes them, and once she starts the path towards them, she does not stop until she reaches them, no matter how impossible they may seem.

A real pleasure to have Lisandra on the team.

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