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Juan Carlos Márquez
Juan Carlos Márquez

Juan Carlos Márquez

Business management consultant

Business Development Mentor

Juan Carlos Márquez is a specialist in generating business models and their corporate structures, and therefore this will be his area of mentoring at La Lonja de la Innovación, where startups will be able to count on his experience to outline and optimize their business model.

Juan Carlos has always been linked to management teams throughout his professional career. He began his career in 1992, first linked to financial and administrative management (for about eight years) and later to the general management of companies (more than ten years), leading the implementation of different production units and business projects. In 2013 he started his career as an independent professional that has now lasted ten years, during which he has mentored entrepreneurs, managers and middle managers, participating in the optimization of different organizational areas and in the launching of new projects.

The mentor is an economist with a degree in Economics and Business Administration. He also emphasizes that as a good fisherman, it is impossible not to be linked to the sea, with its rivers, estuaries and marshes. "It is a privilege to walk along our beaches, along the Odiel promenade, to enjoy the smell, the light, the sunrises and sunsets, it is much more than a hobby".

Juan Carlos emphasizes that La Lonja de la Innovación can bring to Huelva attraction and loyalty of talent, social and economic wealth. Finally, he adds that probably his most valuable "off topic" quality is humor. May it never fail, we are in complete agreement!

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