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Eric Sanchez Galvez

Eric Sanchez Galvez

Reental CEO. MVP launch, team management, Sales Predictable revenue, Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, strategy.

MVP launch & Team management Mentor

Eric is a Huelva native who loves sports, the sea, technology and blockchain, and making things work. He has spent more than 15 years as a professional basketball player, combining it with his studies in Computer Engineering.

He started in the world of technology with a third-party development company, and from there, in 2017 he founded with two partners, a global reference company in the digitization of guest reception in the tourism industry.

In addition, he founded Reental in 2020, a company dedicated to the tokenization of real estate and whose mission is to allow anyone, from anywhere in the world, to invest in profitable and liquid products. Such good experiences!

For our mentor, La Lonja de la Innovación is a meeting point to motivate young and not-so-young entrepreneurs who have no references or means in a small city to start his activity. Eric insists on the existing human talent, which only needs to be given the guidelines and final push. Let’s do it!

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