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Enrique Garrido Martínez

Enrique Garrido Martínez

Operations Area Manager

Operations Mentor

Enrique Garrido is the Director and professor of the Operations Management Area in San Telmo Business School (STBS).

He began his executive career in the Enartec Grouo (USA), then he came back to Spain to work in Heineken (alimentation) and the Huntsman Group (chemistry), participating in international projects. In 2010, after fifteen years of executive career, he joined STBS as Professor and Director of the Operations Area.

Currently, he combines his academic dedication with strategic business counseling (consulting and advice), an activity that he performs as a partner of Axis 6 Management Consultors.

Enrique has taught more than 2.000 sessions and written more than 40 cases and technical notes. His areas of interest are focused on transforming businesses into models of continuous improvement through the Lean philosophy; the optimization of logistics networks and supply chains; the development of digital and 4.0 models ; and the development of sustainability strategies.

How did he get here? Our mentor is an Industrial engineer, PhD in Economy and MBA from the Business Institute of Madrid, and holds a diploma in Senior Management (AD1) in Senior Management of Food Chain Companies (ADECA) from STBS. In addition, he has completed the Academic Development Program of STBS and the International Faulty Program of IESE.

Enrique is a man in love with the sea, and his main hobby is recreational sailing. How lucky!

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