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Diego Martínez Camacho
Diego Martinez Camacho

Diego Martínez Camacho

Logistics and Service Technician

Logistics Mentor

Diego has spent 40 years dedicated to the freight rail in the Grupo Renfe. His specialty is rail-port logistics chains and the development of new markets.

How did he get here? Our mentor in Logistics studied Industrial Technical Engineering, specializing in hubs and networks, at the University of Huelva. Later, he trained in Sales and Marketing Management and Negotiation at Ernst and Young.

Huelva-born, the sea is part of his daily life, both personally and professionally. During the periods he has spent away from Huelva, the longing for the sea was at its peak. Like many people from Huelva, he does not understand a vacation if it is not related to the beaches of the region. Another great plan related to the sea: he loves sailing with his friends. A man in love with the sea!

Diego views La Lonja de la Innovación as the energy needed to excite Huelva’s sleeping talent, and a unique opportunity to have all the tools in his land to develop ideas, businesses, and the capacity to generate internal wealth. He tells us that this initiative will change the city’s paradigm. We couldn’t agree more!

His desire as a mentor is to face new challenges, add the willingness to learn, and bring the ability to sell above all, but always as a team.

Can’t wait to get to work!

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