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Chio Díez

Chio Díez

CMO at Nexterra Agrotech

Branding & UX/UI Mentor

At the age of 20, Chio moved to Costa Rica, where he studied Advertising Design and worked in conventional advertising agencies, major accounts, TV, radio, press and institutional. There, he acquired a great knowledge base in marketing and advertising.

Back in Madrid, he started working in Movisol (acquired by ZED) designing interfaces for mobile apps and games. The mission was to keep a product in the Apple Store’s top sales every trimester, and for 3 years they achieved it.

After that phase, he decided to go freelance and return to his home, Huelva. He joined two startups that did not work out, became a member of a design studio in where he did not quite fit and he also worked on his own entrepreneurial project, CVByDesign. All these experiences created a valuable knowledge baggage for Chio.

Finally, for the last two years he has been in charge of the marketing and new business department as the CMO for Nexterra and its subsidiaries in more than 8 countries.

For Chio, La Lonja de la Innovación will give us the confidence in what Huelva is capable of doing as a region, society and business network. We can’t wait to see it!

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