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Antonio José Pérez Barrera
Antonio José Pérez Barrera

Antonio José Pérez Barrera


Entrepreneurship Mentor

Antonio started his professional career at only 28 years old. It was almost by chance when he got a proposal to undertake his first project as a freelancer. While still at university, he presented an entrepreneurial project, although with different nuances, since once in the labor market the reality was quite different. He had no doubts and started as a freelancer in a big project, and one after that, and then another, until he began with Proyecto HSO. Antonio felt that it had to be something that would drastically change the sector. He had to bring freshness, new things. From that point on, he further his education in business schools, mainly at the EOI, and started to believe that it was possible. Radically, he went from being alone to having 15 employees and working throughout Spain with major clients like Grupo ENCE, Cepsa, Atlantic Cooper, Abengoa, Grupo Vertex, Grupo Votorantim, MRW, and Fertiberia, among others.
Currently, he leads an exciting project, full of professionals in security and workplace health, pioneers in the sector, growing every day and with deeply-rooted values and principles.

Antonio’s specialty is entrepreneurship from scratch. Either with business plans, entrepreneurship plans, business performance, or the transition from entrepreneur to businessman, customer relations, the environment, social agents and staff and HR management.

In our mentor’s opinion, La Lonja de la Innovación will help innovative projects to create a better environment and a better region. We are sure of it!

Actualmente lidera un proyecto apasionante, lleno de profesionales de la seguridad y salud laboral pioneros en el sector que crece cada día y con valores y principios muy arraigados.

La especialidad de Antonio es el emprendimiento desde cero. Tanto con planes de negocio, planes de emprendimiento, rendimiento empresarial, como la transición de emprendedor a empresario, relaciones con clientes, el entorno, agentes sociales y gestión de personal y recursos humanos.

En opinión de nuestro mentor, La Lonja de la Innovación va a ayudar a proyectos innovadores a crear un entorno y una región mejor. ¡Estamos seguros de ello!

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