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Andrés Vidal Acquaroni
Andrés Vidal Acquaroni

Andrés Vidal Acquaroni


Personal communication Mentor

Andrés has spent almost his entire professional life at Telefónica. More than 30 years of communicating and inspiring with the new possibilities of making a better life through small technological gestures, better homes, better companies, more accessible, more independent. Only what is told with passion exists.

How did he get here? Our mentor, a specialist in Personal Communication, holds a degree in Law (University of Seville), has completed the CAP, the Intensive Program in Business Management at San Telmo, and several internal Telefónica courses in communicative skills and technological teaching.

Andrés considers La Lonja de la Innovación a space of dynamization linked to a real community that has not been projected as a whole, but as individual companies, each in its sector. This initiative will allow the creation of better solutions for new and old business problems, community solutions, and will promote interaction and joint use of public and private resources.

Our mentor has a deep interest in human projects, the improvement of society, solidarity and the maximization of resources. It is our pleasure to have him here!

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