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Ana Guzmán García

Ana Guzmán García

Business Development Director at Wifreezone

Sales Mentor

Ana is an active and restless person who is always looking for new challenges and learning and who gives great importance to four values above the rest: Attitude, Passion, Perseverance and Humor. She is passionate about sales and customer service.

She started as a front-desk assistant in the hospitality industry in 2008 while she was finishing her degree in Computer Science. In 2009 she had the opportunity to transfer to a different hotel, where she was promoted from being a receptionist to head of reception and sales manager, a position in which she stayed for 4 years.

Afterwards, she decided to move to Liverpool (UK) for 3 months to keep on growing and improve her English. A few days after her return, she was offered to continue working there and accepted to stay until the year finished, since the main objective was to improve the language and widen her knowledge of the sector at an international level.

As soon as she got back to Huelva, Hotel Asur Isla Cristina contacted her to fill the position of receptionist during the season. As time went by, her responsibilities in the company grew.

The following year, in 2015, she started her career at Gran Hotel del Coto (Matalascañas) to develop some specific functions of integration of all their systems (reservation engine with PMS, Channel Management with PMS, and mapping of all distribution channels).

That same year, at the end of the hotel’s season, an interesting technological project focused on the hospitality sector came up. On this occasion, she was given the opportunity to join her studies with her professional career. Here, she combined all the knowledge obtained during her trajectory in the sectors of hospitality and technology.

During this stage she started developing functions of sales of the technological solution (Wifreezone), and now is the Business Development Manager.

The relationship between our mentor and the sea is strong, since she lives in Huelva and can enjoy from the best walks during the winter to the best summer evenings waiting for the magnificent sunsets that the sea gives day by day.

For Ana, La Lonja de la Innovación will allow Huelva to be known also for its technological and innovative ecosystem, a little known side to its own residents. In addition, this will be the ideal occasion to encourage relations between companies and the enrichment of Huelva among themselves.

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