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Discovering Cashbank

Cashbank is a startup specialized in self-checkout machines that joined La Lonja de la Innovación in our latest call. Today, we have talked with their team to learn more about its project

This startup has developed a highly secure self-checkout machine with an integrated touchscreen that can act as a safe. Additionally, different extra services can be integrated into it, such as activating commercial ads and offers. In this way, users can advertise promotions to their clients and leverage the space with self-managed third-party advertising.

When asked about their competence, they don’t hesitate to emphasize the innovations introduced in their designs, both functional and aesthetic, as what sets them different. Additionally, among their other advantages, they also highlight:

  • Its velocity and security.
  • Coin and bills validation.
  • 24 hours operation and support available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
  • Instantaneous control
  • Anti-theft system.
  • Better hygiene.
  • Commercial use.
  • Attractive design and accessibility.

In addition to a self-checkout machine, they have developed an app with which the user can access numerous options for the remote and real-time management, administration and configuration of its Cashbank. 

This startup decided to join La Lonja de la Innovación motivated by the “growth potential” it could provide them. A decision that they don’t regret, since they claim that the results are “very good and positive”.

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