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Técnicas de organización empresarial

Business organization techniques


Time is money and resources are limited, that’s why in the entrepreneurial world, organization is fundamental to make the most of them and not waste them. In this context, business organization techniques can be a tool that guides your company toward the effective management of your resources and time. In this post we tell you a little more about them. Take notes!

Organization techniques’ advantages 

Business organization techniques are tools, methods and strategies used to structure and manage in an effective way different aspects of your company. From the definition of the roles and hierarchies to optimizing processes, these are key aspects when it comes to coordinating your company and all its elements to achieve established goals.

In short, the organization of a company is an administrative process that aims to design the structure which coordinates resources and activities optimally. In addition, it also includes defining clear hierarchies, departments, individual functions and responsibilities, communication channels and, in general, simplifying work. That’s why applying techniques to ensure this organization is optimal is fundamental.

Applying this methodologies and strategies to structure your company will bring you numerous advantages, among them:

  • More productivity. When everything is well-defined, all the roles clear and the functions and tasks are well distributed, productivity, both individual and at team level, will improve.
  • Less stress. If everything is organized, the feeling of anxiety and accumulation of tasks associated with disorder is eliminated, leading to a calmer work environment.
  • Improvement in time management. When optimizing processes and defining responsibilities, you can manage the time efficiently.
  • Better decisions. If you have access to the organized information, decisions can be made more accurately.
  • Resources optimization. The waste is minimized by organizing and distributing the resources in a smart and efficient way.

Business organization techniques

Now that you know all the benefits of these techniques, to help you start improving the organization of your company, here we bring some of them, very different between them but all very useful.

  • SWOT Analysis. This tool allows us to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities of a company and the market in which it operates.
  • Responsibility matrix. Clearly defines the responsibilities each member of a team has concerning different projects, avoiding confusion and ensuring that workloads are distributed equitably.
  • 5S Method. A practice used to optimize working conditions through classification, order, cleanliness, standardization, and discipline, achieving a more efficient workplace.
  • Organizational Chart. A visual representation, in the form of a diagram, of the hierarchical structure within a company that shows the relationships between teams, departments, and people.
  • Process Mapping. A graphical representation of actions and people within a specific workflow. It allows identifying, analyzing, and optimizing business processes. It improves the understanding of processes and tasks and helps identify areas for improvement by visually representing a workflow.
  • Performance Management. An ongoing process designed to improve employee performance and development according to organizational goals. Based on continuous communication and feedback between a manager and an employee to achieve organizational goals, with continuous efforts to help team members grow, this partly shapes the company's workforce management.
  • Manuals. Administrative manuals are also a business organization technique as they are documents that systematically compile administrative elements to inform and guide all employees and members of a company.

In summary, business organization techniques are vital for companies, as they not only improve efficiency but also strengthen the ability to adapt and grow. At La Lonja de la Innovación, we advise their use for accelerated startups because we are aware of their great utility. Now is the time to encourage you to use them in your company and improve with their help.

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