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Blubik’s experience in La Lonja

The team from Blubik, powered by Kemtecnica, a startup accelerated at La Lonja that develops mobile equipment for electricity generation with renewable energy sources, sat down with us to talk and we have been able to know more about their projects and their experience in La Lonja de la Innovación.

Their innovate project

Blubik has a portfolio of innovative products to generate electricity with renewable energy sources. In addition, they tell us that they design their equipment and products according to the specifications of their clients, thus adapting to their needs, a decisive factor to differentiate them from its competitors.

The startup has also highlighted “ innovation and the search for new renewable energy vectors” as another of its hallmarks, putting as an example the hydrogen, as they reveal that they are developing their own electrolyzer.

Blubik's path through La Lonja

Tomás Domínguez, Blubik’s CEO, already had an extensive background as a professional before founding this startup; however, this is his first experience in the entrepreneurship world. When Tomás and his team saw La Lonja de la Innovación’s proposal, they considered it irresistible; “a privileged environment such as the Port of Huelva, one of the most important in the country; a network of experts mentors in different areas of knowledge; the opportunity to work side by side with others entrepreneurs; the involvement of the people in charge of the projects, in short, we understood that the opportunity that La Lonja was offering us with FIWARE and Telefónica was unique and we had to take advantage of it”, claims Tomás about his decision to belong to La Lonja’s ecosystem.

This feeling that the Blubik team had about the progress they could achieve in La Lonja became real. After a few months in the acceleration program, they say that the experience has been incredible and that, during all the process, they “have been transforming and evolving as a company thanks to all the learning” that the initiative has provided them with.

Although, when asked about the mentorship, they highlight those in the areas of teamwork and communication as the ones that have given them the most value, they say that they consider themselves “really lucky to have been able to learn from experts in all areas, as the network of mentors of La Lonja is spectacular”.

It has been a pleasure to learn more about the Blubik project, powered by Kemtecnia, and the progress they are making at La Lonja de la Innovación. If you want to continue learning more about the startups accelerated in La Lonja, stay tuned to our blog.

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