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Balancing entrepreneurship and personal life


Turning your business idea into reality requires sacrifices and a lot of hard work. When you start your own company, a significant portion of your time goes directly into it to make it succeed. It's a process that demands a lot of attention, but in your daily life, your work isn't the only thing you need to focus on; you also have to take care of your personal life.

Many people dedicate all their time and energy to their new business venture, neglecting other aspects of their life, especially if the company is in its early stages. However, even though it may seem that the more time you invest in it, the better it will go, this only leads to negative consequences in the long run. That's why it's important to achieve a balance between your professional and personal life.

In La Lonja de la Innovación, we are aware of the importance of this work-life balance. That's why, on our blog, we publish tips and strategies that make tasks within a startup easier and save time and effort for entrepreneurs. To further delve into this topic, we explain why this balance is important and how you can achieve it.

Why is it important to balance personal and work life?

Many entrepreneurs tend to underestimate the relevance of work-life balance, but the negative consequences that can come from dedicating all your hours to work are not insignificant. Therefore, if you are one of the people who work more than they rest, here we explain what consequences this habit can lead to:

  • Health: Spending your days and hours working without any leisure time can have a negative impact on your health, both physically and mentally. It's crucial to seek a balance between personal and work life to prevent burnout and stress, as they can lead to more significant health issues such as anxiety, depression, insomnia, weakened immune system, and more.
  • Relationships: If you dedicate all your time to your business and neglect your loved ones, they may feel neglected, negatively affecting these personal relationships. Additionally, not spending time with them can lead to feelings of isolation. Furthermore, working all day can increase stress levels, making you more irritable and harming your relationships.
  • Productivity: As mentioned earlier, dedicating your entire day to work won't make your company perform better; it can actually have the opposite effect. The exhaustion and fatigue it causes lead to reduced productivity and performance issues. Your energy will deplete, and you'll take twice as long to complete certain tasks compared to what you could achieve if you had rested and recharged.

In conclusion, failing to balance the time you dedicate to your entrepreneurship with your personal life will only result in negative consequences and, therefore, a lower quality of life.

Tips for achieving balance

Many entrepreneurs who downplay the importance of this balance end up becoming workaholics. To help you avoid this, here are some tips to help you achieve a balance between your personal and professional life:

  • Talk to your family: If you're embarking on the entrepreneurial journey, make sure your closest circle understands it, knows your goals, and the implications it will have. It's important that they understand you before you start. Additionally, rely on them when you're going through tough times. Ultimately, one of the most important aspects of achieving this balance is communication.
  • Set boundaries: Define your work hours and stick to them every day. If you're in the early stages of your business, you can allow for an extra hour or two of work on some days, but not more than that. It's important to limit your workdays, and once your work hours are over, make sure you have time for yourself or to spend with your loved ones.
  • Quality time: Take vacations and breaks, and don't let them pass by. When you have them, make an effort to ensure that this time is of high quality. Disconnect and forget about your phone for a while, as notifications from your business can disrupt your rest. Share moments and time with your family and friends.
  • Automate: Nowadays, there are plenty of tools and platforms that simplify certain recurring tasks and allow you to save time, such as management tools. Don't hesitate to incorporate them into your projects to be more efficient and use the time you save on other tasks.
  • Delegate to your team: If you're going to start a business, you can't do it alone; you need to build a team to help you build it. This way, you can share the business's workload, and it won't all fall on you. Don't take on all the tasks; distribute them and trust your team.

In conclusion, dedicating more hours to your business won't lead to faster success; instead, it will only bring negative effects to both you and your company.

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