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Artificial Intelligence, some of its challenges and best tools

Recently, we talked about artificial intelligence and how this tool is more of an ally than a threat to your job. We summarized its advantages if applied to your company and shared some reasons why you shouldn't fear AI. Today, to delve a bit deeper into this matter, we will discuss some of the AI-powered tools you can start using in your company from today and the challenges that AI might bring.

AI tools

Artificial intelligence doesn't have to involve large investments or extensive systems to be used. Instead, the boom it is experiencing has brought with it multiple online tools that are much simpler and easier to use but can nonetheless add great value to your company and improve your processes. Here are some of our favorites:

  • ChatGPT: At this point, who hasn't heard of this tool? Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is increasingly being used because it allows you to get help with numerous processes very simply. For example, you can use it to get ideas for your blog, social media posts, new product ideas, generate responses for customers, translations, and more.
  • DeepL: A translator that can translate texts and files into up to 26 languages with great quality and speed.
  • Grammarly: Reviews and corrects texts to avoid spelling errors.
  • Canva: A well-known platform that has also ventured into the world of AI, adopting functions such as creating images from text.
  • Merlin: A tool that summarizes YouTube videos, allowing you to get an overview of the essential content of the video without wasting time.
  • Murf: A text-to-speech generator that converts any text into a natural-sounding voiceover. Additionally, you can choose from a wide variety of voices, dialects, and languages.

AI challenges

Lastly, not everything is as perfect as it seems. There are a series of challenges within the world of artificial intelligence that need to be paid attention to and that can pose certain limitations when using them.

  • Lack of understanding. Many companies or individuals may not fully understand how to effectively implement AI to improve their business processes. To address this, training is necessary to understand the possibilities and limitations that this technology offers. In summary, the lack of experience and knowledge in AI prevents it from being applied effectively, and considering that it is a continuously evolving field, professionals need to stay updated at all times.
  • Cost. Although, as we have already seen, many of these tools are free, many others are paid or offer a free version and a premium version that you must pay to use. This is something that not all companies can afford, especially if they are just starting and do not have much revenue.
  • Data protection. One of the most talked-about issues since AI emerged. This technology can present risks to security and privacy. Therefore, it is crucial to be very careful with the data and information provided to any artificial intelligence.
  • Ethics and responsibility. When using artificial intelligence, it is essential to ensure its ethical and responsible use. Clear ethical standards must be established to ensure that your actions with AI align with them. Sometimes, decisions made by AI can have significant and unethical impacts on society.

In short, artificial intelligence offers vast potential to drive innovation and growth in businesses. By adopting AI tools and addressing challenges with a proactive mindset, you can make the most of this technology and take your company to the next level. It's time to take the leap and harness all that artificial intelligence has to offer.

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