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AllRead and its path through La Lonja

Today we had the opportunity to know a little better the activity of the startup AllRead and the experience that they are having in the I Program of Acceleration of La Lonja de la Innovación.

AllRead is a spin-off deep tech that develops an intelligent code detection and reading software using artificial vision algorithms. It contributes to optimize the processes of traceability, monitoring and security of goods and vehicles in the port logistics environment.

AllRead’s project

The startup, accelerated at La Lonja de la Innovación, AllRead, has developed an OCR detection and reading software for ports and terminals based on Deep Learning and Computer Vision. Its software allows to automate operational processes by detecting and scanning text, codes and symbols in supply chains. This improves efficiency by replacing repetitive and manual tasks and obsolete technologies with immediate information processing.

AllRead was born with the mission to automate operational processes and improve data management, by incorporating smart reading systems into supply chains around the world. Therefore, other software and data management tools  could be considered as its competitors,  however, this startup founded in 2019 differentiates itself from its competitors by the “level of certainty and ease of integration with existing systems” of its software compared to others.

Its path in La Lonja

Even though it is not the first experience as entrepreneurs that AllRead team has had, they decided to be part of La Lonja de la Innovación due to their interest in learning about the ecosystem of the Port of Huelva and its new Strategic Plan for Growth and Digitalization.

Since then, the months that they have spent at La Lonja and their experience in the accelerator have been “very positive” for the AllRead team, as it has given them a “more extensive knowledge of vehicle traceability in freight trains in an ecosystem of powerful investments in new facilities with massive growth in freight traffic”

The current results of AllRead, after these months of acceleration, have been “as planned, positive”, but they affirm that their demands are becoming more and more stringent, so they can not be satisfied and must continue to move forward to achieve their goals.

It has been a pleasure to interview the AllRead team and learn more about their project. If you want to know more about the rest of the startups accelerated in La Lonja, as well as more content about entrepreneurship, take a look at our website

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